where-to-weekend: santa special 2011

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What: Santa Special 2011: A Christmas Tribute to Cancer Warriors
When: 03-04 December, 1-6pm
Where: Shift Bar, R + D Building, 7615 Guijo Street, San Antonio Village Makati

What’s in store for you:

  • Free entrance¬†to anyone battling with the big C who wants to celebrate life + the coming Christmas holidays
  • Have your pictures taken at the photobooth
  • Have your caricature made by present artists
  • Food will also be served during the event
It was no easy feat to battle cancer + it has been one of the top causes of death in the world now. These people battling these fatal diseases need all the help, support + love that we can give. If you know someone who is a Cancer warrior, invite him to this event + put a smile on his face ūüôā
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a guest post from heather, a cancer patient + a mum

Today, I would like to share with you a touching story about Heather, a mum + a cancer patient. I hope you find inspiration in her battle + her heart-warming tale of overcoming this dark moment in her life. May you also find the time of day to pray for her + the other people battling with cancers all around the world.

And so her story goes:

On November 21, 2005 I was a mother to a 3-¬Ĺ month old girl. My life¬†was changed when I became a cancer patient. After I was diagnosed,¬†a lot went through my mind. I was especially worried about who would¬†take care of my daughter, Lily. I come from a very supportive family¬†and my parents offered to help. Even though they live 600 miles away,¬†when we needed them, they did not hesitate to get in their car and¬†come to our assistance. As a family, we sat down and decided what to¬†do.

In the hospital in St. Paul, an x-ray detected that I had fluid surrounding my lung. The next step was to see a thoracic specialist. The specialist drained the fluid from my lung and isolated the cause of the fluid. I underwent a C.T scan that detected a mass located in the lower left part of one of my lungs. I was scheduled for a biopsy the next morning. The biopsy results concluded that I had a form of cancer called malignant pleural mesothelioma. We had to decide what to do.

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