where-to-weekend: the wonka imaginarium {1-4 dec}

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What: The Wonka Imaginarium
When: 01 December {2-5pm}, 02-04 December {11am-9pm}
Where: Grand Atrium, Shanri-la Plaza ~ Mandaluyong

For a limited time only, be mesmerized as Candy Corner brings to life  the enchanting + magical world of  Wonka through the The Wonka Imaginarium, an enchanted factory that harvests dreams + turn them into candies.

This event is a four-day exhibit that highlights Wonka candies {imagine seeing Wonka candies anywhere you look!} + allows every child in all of us to bring our fondest candy fantasies to life! Step into the bewitching world of larger than life bugs + talking trees {that also exchanged high-fives with my little man!}, brush up on your spells with a purple witch + search for the rainbow, the dream that makes the happiest of all candies.

The Wonka Imaginarium is the first of its kind in the Philippines, + we’re happy to be doing this in time for the holiday season. More than just giving everyone a chance to get to know more about Wonka candies, our main goal is to give people of all ages a great avenue to feed their imagination + to find a different, unique activity for the whole family to share this Christmas. ~ Ricky Andres,  Candy Corner Philippines ~ President

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Wonka is well-known candy brand that uses licensed materials from Roald Dahl’s Charlie + the Chocolate Factory. Its distinct packaging, not to mention its colorful taste, made it a shoo-in as Candy Corner’s flagship brand. Popular Candy Corner products Nerds + Pixy Stix are actually from the Wonka brand.

Candy Corner is the first Philippine outlet to combine traditional packaged + novelty sweets with the concept of having customers choose + combine their own selections of treats, has also consistently provided chocolates + candies to satisfy the local demand for international confectionery brands over the years. Expanding from a single branch in 1996 into numerous branches across the country over the years is solid proof that this formula worked for them well + made them a household name.

I will be back with a detailed post on how our Wonka Imaginarium experience went ^_^

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