how to discipline our children with love

I’ve got these nifty tips in one of the seminars I’ve attended a few weeks. Love Institute {yes, there is one!}, a company that provides systematic programs, services + curriculum catering to individual’s relationship needs.

This is the Love Institute’s take on how to discipline our children without threats + bribes

The ABC’s of Parenting

  1. Attention should be given
  2. Build your child’s self-worth
  3. Communicate regularly + well
  4. Discipline means to teach, to instruct
  5. Enhance couple or individual relationship

How-to’s of Discipline

  1. Good discipline results I confident, caring + responsible children
  2. Spanking, shouting, threatening or bribing may not always work
  3. Agree on house rules + implement it
    1. Example of house rules: eating, TV/computer time, allowance, study time, bedtime or playing outdoors
    2. Natural consequence {use these if agreements are not met} – if a child does not eat he will go hungry
    3. Logical consequence – if a child loses a book he pays for it. Take note that you have to make consequences reasonable, related to offense, respectful + with the absence of anger

Note: This is taken from Helping our Children Do Well in School Book + Manual by Queena Lee Chua + Maribel Sison Dionisio

If you want to know more about the Love Institute, you can keep in touch with them thru the following:

  • Website –
  • E-mail –
  • Snail mail – MQI Centre, Loyola Heights, QC
  • Phone – {02}4364-143
  • Mobile – 0922-8944-143

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.

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