when sahmone speaks: my son living the life i've lived

As a mom, will you let your son live the life you’ve lived?

I was generally an obedient child + being the eldest in a brood of 5, I guess, it actually comes with the territory. There was this unwritten + unspoken pressure hanging over me to do well, knowing my younger siblings will greatly benefit, or otherwise, depending on the course of my action. I have to provide good examples that my younger siblings will hopefully follow.  My routine back in those days is mainly home-school-home.  I seldom went out with friends for an after-class stroll, especially if it wasn’t school-related. I never cut classes + was very determined to get good grades in school. Which I guess I did, much to my parent’s joy! Although I wasn’t the brightest student, but more of your average Jane, I toiled + worked hard so I can finish school + graduate in College.

We are not financially well-off by my parents managed to provide us with our basic of needs, along with some necessities, including a sing-along Karaoke + loads of cassette tapes of my favorite artists (which I ask them to buy instead of a new shoes, which we get to buy twice a year: during the start of classes + Christmastime).  But, I guess the best part of it, is that my parents managed to raise me the best way they knew how. They were democratic + open-minded + they were able to let me have a free reign over my life, which I guess I was able to give back in return, by being a well-behaved daughter most of the time (discounting the episodes where the bratty me surfaces, of course 😉 ) + basically living my life the way that I did.

I would definitely let my son live the life that I lived, with probably an exception of too few details. I want him to live the best childhood he can ever have + I don’t mean buying him all those expensive toys, even if I can afford it (sometimes), but more so, with providing him with the right amount of love + attention + in constantly letting him know that I love him + that I will support him all the way, much like my parents did during the days. I guess this type of parenting will prove beneficial to my child so he can grow to be a strong-willed + self-confident man when the time comes. I want him to live his life to the fullest, + if I can, I plan to stay around much longer, to be here for him whenever he needs me 😉

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