Tips + Tricks: 5 Life Lessons Your Child Will Learn in International School

Attending school is almost always a child’s first opportunity to engage at length with the world and with other people outside their immediate household. Additionally, children and young people spend most of their time at school throughout their formative years. Thus, it’s frequently the site of key experiences and interactions that will go on to shape these children’s values, skills, and personalities as they grow up.

The important role education plays in a child’s life and growth means that choosing a school for their children is sure to be a daunting experience for any parent. This process is likely to be especially intimidating to expatriate parents, who may find their options in their host country limited to international schools by virtue of language barriers or legal restrictions. Luckily, the best international schools offer their students rich learning experiences, combining enjoyable and diverse activities with consistent academic rigor.

If you and your family have plans of relocating to Singapore, consider a school with a progressive, globally focused American curriculum Singapore expatriate families trust. Such an institution is guaranteed to teach its students a wealth of significant lessons that will serve them well throughout their lives. Among these most important life lessons students can learn from international education are the following:

Respect for Cultural Diversity

A multicultural learning experience is one of the biggest and most obvious benefits of sending your child to an international school. They’ll have the opportunity to socialize, study, and work with teachers and peers from a vast variety of cultural backgrounds. Such an environment discourages the development of harmful discriminatory and prejudicial attitudes. Instead, your child will rapidly learn how to navigate cultural differences with respect and compassion and how to engage people from all walks of life.

An international school will also give your child copious opportunities to remain connected with their home country’s culture while simultaneously immersing themselves in their host country’s traditions and ways of life. This will ideally lead them to develop a strong and well-rounded sense of identity that has been fundamentally shaped by life in multiple places.

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Mum Reviews:’s Free Tutoring Program With Livestreaming

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted classes all over the world, keeping most students safe at home while we ride the virus out. This poses an additional challenge to mothers and parents who find themselves worrying about their children’s education and learning for the first time in a long time.

It is fortunate that some schools have stepped up and begun offering online classes to make up for the missed lessons and classes in school. But for children whose schools do not provide alternative learning, it is rather problematic and surely another thing to worry about for parents.

Today, I am sharing an awesome #mumfind for mums who are rather in a bind and finding themselves stressing about how to keep their children learning, and keep them away from their games and gadgets even for a little while, as they stay at home during this outbreak.

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Mentoring Minds: An Effective Tool to Raise Critical Thinkers

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It ought to be one of goals to raise critical thinkers who will be part of solutions in the future, instead of the problem. Children who will be forerunners of change and growth when it is their time ~ luminaries and trailblaizers. Critical thinking, after all, plays a signifacant role in one’s success may that be in school, at work, or in life in general. Raising our children to be such is no easy feat, in fact, we needed all the help we can get. With the dawn of technology and the birth of gadgets, short attention span and people’s tendencies for instant gratification,  this task will actually be no walk in the park.

It was a good thing, that because of the very same technology, materials and tools to propagate critical thinking among young children is also at the tip of fingers. With, we gain access to valuable tools and instructions on how we can raise our children to be forward thinkers  with one click of a button.  Get guidelines on bullying prevention, behavior strategies or on ADD/ADHD. The Mentoring Minds team developed that yield real results in real classrooms, by utilizing decades of academical experience. These proves beneficial to both teachers in the classroom and for parents who educate their children at home. Choose from a wide array of products for Reading and Math and get the help you need in raising your children and your students to be critical thinkers.

To know more about their products, request a catalog now. You can even choose between a Texas K-12 Fall 2012 Catalog and National K-12 Fall 2012 Catalog.

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