Children’s Autumn/Winter Essentials

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You probably remember your own mother extolling the virtues of a good winter coat… She might even still insist you wrap up better! It goes without saying that when it comes to winter, a warm winter coat or jacket is the most important garment in your little one’s winter wardrobe.

While this is probably the most expensive item you’re going to have to buy, there are some good bargains out there – Polarn O. Pyret’s jackets are renowned for their quality, functionality and durability, and as such, their resell value if you went to resell on eBay is phenomenal- either that, or you can save if for your next child (many items in PO.P’s range are unisex – one of their many unique selling points). PO.P even does thermal outerwear as part of its newborn clothes range, which is really handy.


While a jacket with a hood is good, an additional hat is even better. Simple and quick to put on or take off, a hat is the ultimate temperature control garment – did you know that human beings omit 90% of their body heat through their heads? And what’s more, hats look pretty stylish too.


Quick and easy to put on or take off, even when you’re in a hurry, this is another instant body temperature regulator. And not only that, but a simple scarf is a relatively inexpensive way to brighten up your child’s outfit, too.


Another legacy from our dear mothers, we know that having warm, dry feet throughout the winter season is essential for a happy disposition… And what better to keep your child’s feet warm and dry than a good sturdy pair of boots?
For girls, boots look cute and smart with dresses and skirts, too, or even over leggings or slim-cut jeans for an instantly more casual look.Boots with elasticated sides are great for boys who tend not to bother undoing their laces to put their shoes/boots on or take them off before they rush to their next fun exploit.

Thermal layer

children products, products for children, clothes for children, tips + tricks

A thermal layer or vest is a light and inexpensive way of ensuring that your child can keep warm during play without having too much bulk around the arms, which can restrict them and even cause them to slightly overheat. A thermal layer will keep your child’s mid-section warm so that blood won’t have to rush there to keep the vital organs warm, leaving it to circulate properly and keep fingers, toes, and limbs nice and toasty – child and baby clothes at Polarn O. Pyret are all about ultimate comfort and functionality, combined with simple but effective styling.
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The Importance Of Dollhouses

Having a dollhouse has been part of the prototypical young girl’s dream since the 1800s. Classic dollhouses built by hand still exist today, having weathered the long years in basements, attics and antique shops. Dollhouses have come a long way since those days, manufactured and branded for Barbies and other childrens’ dolls rather than built entirely by hand but that doesn’t diminish the importance of the dollhouse to the children of today. In fact it’s the current generation that needs things like dollhouses more than anything.

More and more the youth of today spends an increasingly frightening amount of time in front of a computer screen or staring at a cell phone. The times may have changed from how children used to communicate and play but children should still be encouraged to play with their own imagination and with others. Dollhouses can be a great way for young girls to broaden their imagination and discover parts of themselves by playing in a dynamic setting with their friends. By socializing with dolls, young girls can help themselves to develop their identity far more than they could by spending time on a computer or sending endless text messages to one another.

Having a dollhouse can help girls in another way. By having something special and unique to themselves, they learn the value of owning something special. Especially if their house has been passed down in the family. Having an heirloom to look after can give them something to look forward to when they have children of their own and have something to give to them that has belonged generations prior. Dollhouses aren’t just a nice looking antique to have in your home as a conversation piece, they are as important to our children now as they were to us and our parents before us as an invaluable toy to helps them grow.

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freebie alert: get free samples from aqiva

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Getting freebies is a good opportunity to try out new products at virtually no cost + when you’re a mum, the more you can stretch the budget for the family, all the better! I bet most mums will be delighted to hear of this new promo by Aqiva. All you need to do is register + join their Aqiva Nutrition Movement + receive a 400-gram pack Aqiva Sample to jump start your commitment to your child’s nutrition. Valid for mums with children

Aqiva believes that giving your children proper nutrition today will greatly benefit them as they grow up. We empower parents to help give their children the nutrition they need, so they’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Check out Aqiva’s Facebook Page {} for more details.

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