Learning More About Allergies With Allerkid At Kidzania Manila

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The little man absolutely loves Kidzania. In fact, he told me once that it is his favorite place. He was actually asking me this morning while preparing for school when we are going back! So it is no surprise that we’d grab every chance or excuse to go back to the awesome place.  And I guess, you can also easily tell who is more delighted to receive an invite from Allerkid to spend a day with them at Kidzania Manila a few weeks back. 😀

Allerkid in a nutshell

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I was interested to know more about this brand since this is what his pedia prescribed to the little one whenever he had allergies or sniffles. Of course I would also like to know more about allergies and allergy management as we’ve been plagued by a number of them over the years. It is not only Jared who has them, I also had my fair share of those nasty reds and itches.

It is comforting to know that it is the No.1 Allergy Medicine for kids and is the most-doctor prescribed, too. Cetirizine Allerkid is effective in relieving allergy symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis, including sneezing, nasal itching, watery eyes or what we call in our vernacular “hatsing-singhot-kamot.” It is also used for Allergic conjunctivitis, as well as Atopic dermatitis. Allerkid is known to control allergy in as fast as 20 minutes with the effects that lasts up to 24 hours, thus it can only be taken once a day. Kids also enjoy the great grape taste because of its TasteRite Technology which masks the bitter taste of medicine.

Here Are 3 Ways To Help Manage Allergies

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Caring For My Sick Child

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It is one of those days again when my little man is down with something and what I wouldn’t give to be the one feeling sick and taking all the inhalers instead of him. It is true that for the most part, my little man is such a healthy little boy, teeming with boundless energy and always up and on the move. But there are one of those days, and I am really thankful that they seldom happen, when he fell ill and lose the energy and his usual jovial mood. He had various allergies and they get worse because of the hot humid weather condition.

Yesterday, he was not being himself lying quietly on the sofa while watching his favorite Disney movies on the telly, instead of making a mess of his toys and just being one big energetic toddler. I was observing him and asking him if he is okay and all I get is a reassuring nod, as if telling me not to worry and that he was fine. I noticed that he was also coughing bad. One big problem with my son is that you cannot make him drink any medicine, no matter how good tasting they might be. So to say that I hate for him to be sick is really such an understatement.

I had the scare of my life during nighttime when the little one finally fell asleep {he had a couple of naps in the afternoon, which certainly wasn’t the usual, but would wake every too often because of his nasty cough}. I noticed that he was having labored breaths, as if he was catching them. And his breath has an unusual wheezing sound. I got so scared thinking that the little man was struggling to breathe and it scared the living daylights out of me.  It was too late to bring him to his pedia by the time, so I decided to bring him the next day. 

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Our pedia, knowing Jared’s track record with taking meds, prescribed that he take two brands of inhalers for his pseudo-asthma attack {I refuse to acknowledge it as a full-blown asthma, given the fact that they do not usually occur too often, this is just his second attack in 2 years and I pray it will be the last}, since we will really struggle in letting him drink even half a spoonful of his anti-asthma cough syrup. Apart from the 2 inhalers, our pedia also prescribed two brands of cough syrup for the little man. We were told to go home immediately so that we can start giving Jared the nebulizers to relieve him of his labored breath.

Getting my son to take the inhalers is no easy feat, either. He simply dislikes the whooshing sound the machine makes and fusses about the white smoke that comes out of the tube inhalers. It actually breaks my heart to see him cry and beg me to stop giving him the meds!  😥 If only I could take those medicines for him, I would. If only I can take his pain and sickness away, it will definitely be most ideal.

Just like what our pedia said, I’ve seen quite a noticeable improvement and the little man’s breathing was back to normal just after taking one nebule. He must’ve felt very relieved that he was back to his usual playful self in no time and although he still coughs, his appetite is back and is taking his usual round of milk in bottles and is no longer throwing up after every feeding. Thank goodness!

Giving him inhalers is such a nightmare, but after a few tries, I guess, he was getting used to it and would only give just a little fuss. Hopefully, before the 3-day prescribed period ends, he would have grown accustomed to it in time. None of my siblings nor my parents had to take inhalers and this is really quite foreign to me. Even when i was diagnosed with respiratory problems when I was a young girl, I am certain it wasn’t asthma but just a number of allergies.

I am missing sleep more than ever and feeling rather frustrated when the little man refused to take the nebulizers and I really hope he gets better really soon. I hope that he outgrows this condition sooner, too!

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calculate your child's risk at allergy

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It is best to be aware of your child’s risk at allergies so you would know how to manage it + deal with it properly. That is why when I saw this ad about KIDS Allergy-O-Meter in  my Facebook’s sidebar, I did not hesitate to check it out. Knowing that my son is a little sensitive (not to mention more susceptible to allergies as most babies born via C-section), I can use all the help I can get about allergies, alleviating them + preventing them altogether (if it were possible).

The link directed me to the MomCenter site + this is what appeared when I clicked the Begin button:

kids, babies, allergiesIt is a well-known fact that a child’s risk to allergies can very well be connected with his parent’s very own allergic reactions. Using this tab, I was prompted to enter my + Jared’s dad’s (+ in some other cases, you will also be prompted to include allergies experienced by your other children) experience with different types of allergies. I had a few on several occasions + Jared’s dad has his share, too.

Here is the result:

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Jared has about 60-80% risk at allergy. Somehow, I expected it, as his allergies actually manifested earlier on in his infant days which resulted to him taking a lactose-free formula until he was a year old.  We have also delayed giving him solids so as to prevent further allergies from manifesting earlier than necessary, as per his pedia’s advice. We’ve also purchased a nebulizer to be on the ready in case coughs + colds as severe as he experienced in May happens again, which I hope will never happen again 🙁

It was no good news, but at least I am now aware of it + can take some necessary precautions to prevent him from having allergies.

Go ahead + check out your child’s risk at allergy. Simply visit Momcenter + look for the KIDS Allergy-O-Meter’s tab.

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