Things Your Child Should Bring To Appletree Daycare

So you have enrolled your child to a daycare and the daycare is well equipped with excellent facilities, what’s next? Even if the Appletree daycare center seems to have everything your child could need, you will still need to bring some items along when you leave your child. Some CT daycare center will let you know of the items your child will need by giving you a list. However, if you were not given any list, you may use the list below as a guide in determining which items you should bring before leaving your child at the Connecticut day care center.

  • Extra clothing. Children get dirty easily and if they stay at the daycare center the whole day, they will surely need a change of clean clothing. Make sure that the clothes you bring are comfortable and easy to put on your child.
  • Diapers. Most daycare center will not provide diapers for your child so make sure that you put several pieces in your child’s bag. Do not forget to give any special instructions you may have such as putting any cream or ointment on your baby in between diaper changes. Leave a pack of baby wipes as well to aid in diaper changes.
  • Milk. Whether your child drinks formula milk or breast milk, make sure that your child has enough for up to an hour or two beyond the duration of time that your child will be at the daycare center.

No matter which daycare center you bring your child to, make sure to ask the center for their policies
regarding the things that your child will need.

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