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I cannot believe that after using headphones for every single day of my life for almost 5 years working in a call centre, that I actually do not personally own one.  A few weeks back, my former teammate, Mommy Aileen, contacted me + ask if I was interested with an online job her brother’s employer is offering. I immediately said yes + was scheduled for a Skype interview the following week. Now, am a Skype noob + the reason why I did not pursue my applications with O-desk is that I find Skype + its whole shenanigans intimidating.

To cut to the chase, I succumbed to making a Skype account to make the interview possible + was up early + waited for my scheduled interview a few days after. + it was actually a classic blooper! With no knowledge of Skype I was not aware I needed a headphone to make it work (I know, that stupid, right? :)) So the thing is, Aileen’s brother was about to give me tips before the interview commenced + when he called through Skype, he couldn’t hear a thing from my end. I can hear him okay, with the computer speakers broadcasting his cool voice! I told him I do not have an available headphones + there is no way I can get one that instance.

The interview was rescheduled for a later date +I was stuck with the thought “why didn’t I think of headphones?!”

In anticipation of my interview (the second one), I managed to borrow a set of headphones (I wouldn’t want to buy one since I don’t see any other use for it in the future except for that interview + shelling out bucks to get my own will be a total waste of money! Or so I thought!). I had to test first if they were still working okay as I was told it might be broken or something.  But it was a good think the headphones’ working fine!

I tried using it whilst I work the wee hours of the morning updating my blogs + whatnots! (Normally I’d refrain from watching videos or listening to music through the PC at this time as I might wake Jared up) + guess what I totally enjoyed it. The first day, I had the headphones on for an entire 2 hours + I was listening to this song by Kathreen McPhee + my favorite, Zachary Levi! I was listening to this song over + over again the entire time that by the time I got up from the computer I was totally in love with Chuck + was LSSing the song in a major, major way!

I’ve also watched loads of videos on youtube with the headphones on. It does bring me back to that time when I was just that couch potato glued to the tellie almost all day with the channel stuck to MTV, watching all those videos of my favorite bands + artists! That is the life!

This will add another dimension to my early morning online journey, making it more enjoyable + pleasurable! Now, I am thinking I probably need to get a pair of my own! I heard headphones sell at a more affordable price at CDR-King. I might as well check them out the next time I hit the mall, a fitting little birthday gift for myself 🙂

I still await the schedule for my second interview, in the meantime I am stuck with my borrowed headphones + we are having a roll! Watching Chuck episodes next. I just hope I can do it whilst blogging + joining online contests at the same time! Which reminds me, we have 2 giveaways up at the moment: my son’s Birthday Giveaway + my very own Pasko sa Agosto: $15 Paypal Cash Giveaway! Both ends on 31 August, so I hope you all join. Now on with the Chuck episode. By the way, if you know where I can download all the episodes, please leave a comment, I’d really appreciate it!  😉

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