Home: Are You Too Busy to Clean? Use These 5 Tips!

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People are living busier lives than ever before these days. They have all sorts of responsibilities, and when they go home from work, the responsibilities do not end. With all the work, parenting duties, community efforts, and other things that people these days are involved in, a lot of them do not have time to do the housecleaning that they want to get done. It’s an important part of making your home comfortable and livable, but it can also take too much time out of your busy schedule to get it done right.

What you may be missing are some shortcuts to cleaning faster, easier, and more effectively. There are ways to make your house look clean and still have time to get everything else done each day. Here are our top tips:

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6 Secret Ways You Invite Dust Into You Home

Combating dust in your home can be one of the most frustrating parts of cleaning. Sometimes, no matter how much you clean your home, the dust seems to accumulate more rapidly than you can keep up with it. The truth is you may be finding more dust in your home for reasons you may not even realize. If you want to stay on top of dust and find ways to help maintain a clean home learn about the six secret ways that you may actually be inviting dust into your home.

Not Vacuuming Enough

cleaning at home, home, tips and tricks, homemaking, keeping the home tidy
Image via Flickr by JD Hancock

Carpets are a wonderful hiding place for dirt. For those who have allergies to dust, having as little carpet in your home would be the best option. To minimize this hidden dirt and debris be sure to vacuum your carpets and floors routinely using a good vacuum that is emptied out regularly.

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Tips + Tricks: 4 Things To Help Purify Air At Home

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One of my plans for this year is to make our home a lot more, well, home-y. This plan includes tidying up {I mean, seriously, you won’t believe how much clutter a small family can make and a tiny home can hold!}, getting rid of unnecessary items around the home, and yes, purifying the air we breathe.

Although I find it most fortunate that it has been awhile since my little man suffered from asthma, I have long suspected that he might just also be suffering from allergic rhinitis. Waking up to sniffles and sneezing is a daily occurrence and he would regularly suffer from dry itchy throat, too. I know too well that these conditions are not only brought by the change in the weather, but also by the unseen airborne threats that could be lurking in corners of our home.

This is when I set out to make sure that we breathe only clean air at home. Upon reading, here are a few things I chanced upon that can effectively help clean the air at home: 

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