4 Places You Never Think To Clean

Whether it is a spring cleaning or a fall once-over, nobody loves cleaning. Yet at the same time, nobody wants to live in a filthy house. So we clean, but perhaps we take shortcuts, and miss out on the details. And this can cause unexpected long-term problems. Before you next clean your own house, take a quick look at this list of frequently neglected cleaning areas.

Behind the Fridge

Nobody likes shifting the fridge around; it’s heavy and unwieldy and hard to position just right. As a consequence, the floor underneath this most important of appliances can quickly become a horror show. Like any hidden nook in your home, the refrigerator attracts its share of dust. Compounding the problem, your primary source of cold food storage can leak fluids, leading to mildew and mold. And any spills you have when getting food out of the fridge can end up seeping foodstuffs underneath it. Finally, the coolant systems of the fridge need a quick, periodic clean as well, or the internal workings of the appliance can end up overheating.

Around the Vents

Speaking of ventilation, your home’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning {HVAC} system need a regular dusting as well. Dust blocks the free passage of air in and out of the vents, making your system work harder to heat or cool your living space. This spikes energy usage and causes needless wear on the crucial components of the system. A quick dusting every week or two is enough to keep most of the detritus from accumulating to dangerous levels, but going over the vents in more detail with wet rags and solvents every couple of months is not a bad idea either.

The Baseboards

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The Lysol Maxi Mom Event With 100% Whole Mom

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Earlier last month I was invited to attend the Lysol Maxi Mom event with 100% Whole Mom held at La Creperie in Makati City. I absolutely enjoy attending Lysol events {you may check out my previous Lysol On-The-Go and Lysol Disinfectant Spray for Baby’s Room posts} so I readily said yes to join this one.

products, events, cleaning at home, cleaning products, homemaking, announcement
with mum bloggers Joy {occasionsofjoy.com}, Jaimie {themermaidinstilettos.com}, and Arcee {thebaginvestigator.com}
products, events, cleaning at home, cleaning products, homemaking, announcement
100% Whole Mom’s Cheska, Rica, and Marilen with our friends from Lysol

I’ve read about 100% Whole Mom before but I’ve never participated in any of their previous events. 100% Whole Mom is a brainchild of Marilen Faustino, Cheska Garcia-Kramer, and Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, which aims to {1} inspire mums in making a happy home, {2} build mums’ confidence as they are reminded to embrace their own beauty, and to {3} coach mums the different ways they we can nurture the heart. Basically, Marilen handles the home, Cheska takes care of the beauty, and Rica takes charge of the heart. They also used to have a TV show, Mommy Manual, which aired on GMA News TV Channel 11 every Monday at 8.30am. I enjoyed watching that show and I sure hope they will return for their next season very soon.

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Preparing Pool For Winter

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If we can afford it, I am sure we’d have a pool constructed in our backyard for the little one who is so enamored with water that he can spend the entire day dipping and swimming in the pool. I am sure it will be well worth it and Jared will see to it that he maximizes every cent spent on building it.

Pools are really fun but at the same time they require a lot of maintenance.

Most people forget about their pool once the season is over. But, if you do not prepare it for winter, there will be a lot of issues to deal with once the spring comes around.

So, why is it so important to prepare the pool for winter season?

If you took care of it in time, water within the pool will remain clean and pure until the next seasons and you won’t have to replace it.

In most cases, pool will have to remain fully or at least partially filled with water. This is especially important for concrete pool with ceramic and mosaics.

In case of polyester pools as well as the pools with PVC foil, there should be approximately half of water remaining as a way to avoid damage from underground water.

Besides that, in case of PVC, water keeps the foil always stretched so you are able to avoid wrinkles which appear in case of empty pool.

Anyway, if you already decided not to leave it full, at least leave the minimal level suggested by your pool expert!

This is how much certain pools require:

  • Polyester pool – from 1/3 to 2/3 water
  • Pools with vinyl – from 1/2 to 2/3 water
  • Concrete pools – full

Bear in mind that concrete pools can sometimes stay empty. The main condition is to make sure that there won’t be any underground water bellow it and also, by making sure that it remains covered during the whole seasons keeping it dry.

We also recommend to keep the pool covered during winter (regardless of the type which you have) so that the leaves and other dirt wouldn’t fall in it.

Besides that, you are able to protect certain materials such as polyester by using these covers. Bellow the cover, water will remain warm for a longer period of time without freezing.

Naturally, before covering the pool, make sure that it is clean and algae free.

In case of the pools that are completely filled with water even during the winter, make sure to install a special system which allows water circulation. This will prevent water from falling below 2, 3 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, if you wish so, your pool can be completely functional during the winter season.

How does the procedure differ based on the pool and equipment?

First and foremost, the entire procedure depends on pool type, how much water will be inside of it, whether the filters will work during the winter etc.

Regardless of the covers, it is best if you add antifreeze to it. The product will protect it from ice pressure preventing any damage to it.

What are the things to keep in mind as I prepare my pool for winter season?

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