Support The #1MCleanToilets Movement + Win Gift Packs From Domex!

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Domex is at the forefront of the fight against the disease caused by unsanitary toilets through the 1M Clean Toilets Movement, and on 13 November, World Toilet Day, they will lead a clean-up in East Avenue Medical Center to show their commitment to this worthy cause and their aim to help save lives, one clean toilet at a time.

cleaning products, announcement, giveaway alert, mum for a cause, homemaking, giveaways

As mums we also like to lend a hand in this relevant cause, right? That is why I encourage you to pledge your support to 1M Clean Toilets movement and in return we will give you a chance to win a 2-month worth of cleaning products from Domex.

Here are the easy-peasy giveaway mechanics:

  • Follow Mumwrites on Instagram
  • Subscribe to Mumwrites on Email {don’t forget to verify your subscription to make it valid}
  • Follow Domex on Facebook
  • Post a photo on Facebook or Twitter of yourself or your loved ones doing a check mark hand gesture with your left hand {see sample entry below} and include your answer to the question, “Who do you protect from disease-causing germs and who inspires you to keep your toilet at home clean and germ-free?” Do not forget to make your post public, tag me {@mumwrites on Facebook, @vixquips on Twitter}, and use the hashtags #MumwritesXDomex #1MCleanToilets #WorldToiletDay2015
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Join The #1MCleanToilets Movement + Help Solve Global Toilet Sanitation Problem

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This figure is according to a survey conducted by the World Health Organization {WHO}. Children around the world miss this much number of school days each year, that is equivalent to all grade school and high school classrooms in the Philippines being empty for one month! And the culprit for these missed school days you ask? Yes, diseases caused by poor sanitation and hygiene practices, including using unsanitary toilets. It it extremely unfortunate that these sanitation-related concerns get in the way of children’s learning and ultimately in improving the quality of their lives. I for one would never want illnesses to get in the way of the little man’s learning or in my family’s precious bonding time.

There are a number of illnesses we can acquire from toilet sanitation, including diarrhoeal disease and parasitic worm infections that can lead to nutritional deficiencies, physical and mental stunting, and even death. And it is sad to know that millions of children in rural communities and urban households nationwide are exposed to these health problems everyday by using dirty toilets populated by disease-carrying germs.

So what to do to help solve global sanitation problem?

The simple act of proper toilet sanitation goes a long way in protecting our children and families from disease-causing germs. And, yes, more often than not, ordinary laundry bleach is not enough to kill all toilet germs and sanitize our toilets at home. A clean-looking toilet may just be reeking with germs and bacteria and we need a germ-kill expert with proven efficacy in eliminating bacteria, that is why it is a wise and practical move to sanitize our toilets with Domex.

World Toilet Day and One Million Clean Toilets Movement

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We celebrate the World Toilet Day on 13 November, and for the past 3 years now, Unilever Philippines’ Domex has been working with UNICEF and PPHA to champion the One Million Clean Toilets Movement, an advocacy program aiming to educate Filipinos about proper toilet hygiene and the need to sanitized household toilets in order to keep our families healthy and safe.

You can also lend a hand in the One Million Clean Toilets Movement and join the fight against disease causing germs to save lives, one toilet at a time, not only by making sure you have a sanitized toilet at home, but also by spreading the word about it. I urge you to watch this eye-opening video and share it to your families and friends, to help spread awareness on the dangers of un-sanitized toilets.

For more information about the One Million Clean Toilets Movement, and to learn more about Domex and how to keep your home germ-free, visit the Domex Philippines Facebook Page,  or search for the hashtag #1MCleanToilets in your social media pages.

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5 Effective Make-At-Home Stain Removal Products For Those Darn Kitchen Stains!

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Don’t you just hate it when the apron gets all messy and dirty with enzyme, spice, and food stains, especially from those delicious sauces? We all do, which is why the moment a spot falls onto our clothing or the apron, we rush to the washroom to get it cleaned. Sometimes we are lucky to have them removed, while at other times we have to really slog it out, in the end destroying the fabric and using harsh chemicals to get it bleached! Stay away from such exertions and use these five DIY ways to ensure the stains don’t remain, or spoil your favorite apron and clothing!

Your apron needs care

Instead of using harsh chemicals and bleach to make the apron spotless white, why don’t you opt for the au naturale bleaching agents lemon concentrate and hydrogen peroxide? Simply spray a mix of lemon and hydrogen peroxide {a cup of lemon concentrate with 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide in a mug of water} directly to the stain before putting the apron in the washing machine. Spray the potion on the affected areas and allow it to stand for at least ten minutes. Wash it off thereafter with cold water in your machine. Remove and hang to dry. Now you can flaunt your pristine white apron in the kitchen!

Veggie stains from your clothes

Chopping, cutting up and cleaning veggies are necessary steps in making those healthy and yummy veggie dishes. More often than not, the enzymes from the veggies, especially dark-colored ones, can stain our clothing or the apron while we work in the kitchen. Instead of using harsh chemicals, take a teaspoon of baking soda and add a quarter teaspoon of washing detergent, a tablespoon of vinegar, and a cup of warm water. Mix them all well into a frothy potion which you can spray directly onto the veggie stains. Keep it for half an hour, then wash under cold running water, and viola, stains be-gone!

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Citrus stain no more a pain

Kids love their fresh fruit drinks, and citrus or tangerines seem to be their favorite. Conjuring a dozen concoction using these citrus-y fruits is no big deal, especially when you can add a delicious mixture of herbs and other flavorings to make these fruit drinks not only nutritious but delicious, too. The sad part, though, comes in taking off these citrus stains from gloves and clothing later on. The easy-peasy solution is to grab 2 cups of orange peels, a cup of sugar, a teaspoon of active yeast and a cup of warm water. Mix these ingredients well and allow them to stand for the night. Spray the potion onto the stains the next morning and allow it to blot until the stain disappears. Wash off the clothing later on under cold water! Removing citrus stains is as easy as finishing a small glass of refreshing lemon juice!

Turmeric and red chili powder stains

Discoloration brought about by turmeric and red chili powder might be the trickiest and toughest to remove, but you will be surprised to know that a cup of vinegar will do the trick! Dub the vinegar all over the stain and place the clothing under the bright sunshine for about 10 minutes. Gently wash, afterwards, and notice the stains disappearing into thin air! Easy as pie, right?

Removing meat stains

Blood stains from meat are a cause for worry. Not only will the iron content in the blood oxidize creating a stubborn rusty brown remnant that might be tough to remove, the stains may also be reeking, with germs and bacteria to boot. Time is of the essence in removing these stains effectively by using solid glycerine soap blocks and rubbing it gently over the fresh stains. Add in a cup of ammonia to blot into the patch and let it soak for 10 minutes. Afterwards, wash it off with cold water to remove the stains!

We hope these five tips come in handy when removing those pesky stains! And if you are thinking of where exactly to buy all your at-home stain removal ingredients ~ from solid glycerin soap block to high-grade vinegar and pantry essentials, such as hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, look no further as is your go-to source for all these kitchen essentials. In addition, there are many promotions and coupons for Target by ChameleonJohn that will not only help you save on your hard-earned dollars, but will also make you a kitchen wizard who is abreast with huge discounts on hottest deals and buys.

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