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This is actually the first time I have heard about colorectal defects in children. I cannot imagine how these children’s parents would have a lot of sleepless nights caring for their babies with colostomy bag atteched on their sides + just worrying sick when their little ones will get better. That is why when I read about ColorKiddos, I just knew I need to write about them here.

What is colorectal defects?

Colorectal defects or anorectal anomalies are medical conditions that affects the structure of the anus or rectum. A child born with anorectal problems have some sort of anorectal malformation or deformative feature in the anus or rectum. Some of these known anorectal anomalies include: Imperforate anus {malformed rectum}, proctitis {inflammation of the anus + the lining of the rectum}, or anal bleeding.  Known treatments for these conditions include surgery {in case of imperforate anus} or corticosteroids suppository for proctitis.

What is ColorKiddos?

ColorKiddos was borne out of a mother’s love for her daughter + her desire to help other kids who suffer the same condition as her child once did.  You can read about their own journey with colorectal defects here. She aims to help these children live better lives in the future + to spread the word about colorectal defects to increase awareness + hopefully to get more people to be involved + help out.

To know more about ColorKiddos + to support their causes, simply click on the link above or follow the ColorKiddos Facebook Page.

Incidentally, Lovingly, Mama is also hosting a giveaway to help spread the word about ColorKiddos. $30 Paypal cash is up for grabs. Check out the giveaway post for more details.

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