copy-kids dvd giveaway winner

Happy Monday everyone! šŸ™‚ I am glad that both me + the little man are feeling a bit better. My swollen jaw is finally subsiding, as well s Jared’s allergy. We will be back in shape in no time at all, I bet. Anyway, our Copy-Kids DVD Giveaway is officially over + I would like to thank everyone for joining this contest. + without further ado, here is the winner of her very own FreeĀ Copy Kids DVD:

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Congratulations, do wait for my confirmation e-mail + kindly respond within 48 hours so we can facilitate the shipping of your prize as fast as we can. For those who are not that lucky, do stay tuned as I do have a couple of giveaways lined up for my dear readers in the coming weeks! šŸ™‚

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product review: copy-kids eat fruits and vegetables dvd

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I am so thrilled to review this innovative, new product ~ Copy-Kids eat fruits and vegetables. My little man is such a fussy eater + it was my long-time dream to see him eat those greens + develop a healthy eating habit early on in life. + this product might just be the answer to all my toddler-feeding woes!

I immediately played the DVD the day we got the package + what do you know the little man instantly fell in love with it. We actually watched it for 2 solidĀ hours, the first time around! He was smitten by precocious little Audrey, as well as with Mani + the rest of the fruit-and-veggie-eating toddlers!

products for children, Copy-Kids, parenting 101, motherhood

To help him get in the mood for eating, I also prepared some veggies for him to try while watching the DVD. I was not prepared the first day, so I only served him what’s readily available in our ref ~ carrots! Oh well, he did not really dived into munching the carrot sticks like the rest of the Copy-Kids bunch, but the show of interest to hold the orange veggie + play with them is actually a big leap for a toddler who normally turns his head away every time I tried to feed him anything other than soup + hotdog!

Copy-Kids, products for toddlers, motherhood, parenting 101

The next day, I bought a couple of veggies featured in the DVD + made the little man a veggie platter before putting it on, he wasn’t so thrilled with his snacks but he was just so excited to watch the DVD again. In fact, it has been one of his most favorite DVD’s to watch since then + would only complete with his ultimate favorite, Cars 2, in the number of times he’s seen it.

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