Awesome Halloween Costumes For Kids

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One of the most fun season of the year is upon us again!

Halloween is that one single time of the year when everyone wants to be ugly, or dirty, or scary. Of course, it is also that time of the year when mums are the busiest scurrying to find the most interesting costumes for their kiddos. This year, we initially decided on a DIY Optimus Prime costume that transforms as the little man has just seen the last film and he was talking Transformers all day long. Am sure he will have a grand time channeling his inner Autobot in this year’s Halloween party. We decided against it, though, as we do not have enough time to pull the homemade costume {read: my creative brother did not have the time to finish it just in time! :)} off.

I decided against the store-brought costumes, too, as I actually plan on scrimping this year instead of opting for those costumes that will actually cost me a fortune. Good thing I was able to chance upon this shop {you may check out details about them at the bottom of this post} that sells costumes near the city market. They also make costumes if the costumes you like are not available in the store. I had a black robe done for only Php350 for a Harry Potter costume fit for the little guy. I was able to get this customized robe after 2 days.

tips + tricks, occasions, lifestyle, Halloween, costumes, costumes for children

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I know that Halloween is not due until the last week of October, but I just thought it would be best to scout for a great costume for the little man this early, plus am also contemplating on having him wear a Lightning McQueen costume on his 3rd birthday celebration. I reckon nothing beats an early bird, plus it allows more time for Jared to give his costume a try so that he will be all set by the time he needs to wear them. Not to mention, costumes cost a lot cheaper now compared to a few months later when the Halloween fever sets in.
If truth be told, I wasn’t really that encouraged to get a costume for my little tot when he was younger. I remember he’d fuss over a head piece when we went to look around for a Halloween costume last year. In the end, I dressed him in plain clothes since he really refused to try anything out! Maybe he is still a bit younger + all the hoopla is just too much for him-.
This year, though, I thought since he’s getting really bigger + more mature, I think he’d be more open to try a costume out. Especially if I can find him something like that one on the photo.  He absolutely adores anything Lightning McQueen + I reckon it will be much easier to convince him to try a costume like this! I’ve found it on, by the way. They have a got a lot of interesting Cars costumes in their collection, as well as numerous costume ideas for women! Who knows, maybe I can also find one for myself + we’d go on matching costumes to celebrate Halloween later this year. Oh well, all I need now is some fund on my Paypal account so I buy this one + my little man will be all set! 😉
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