Hello December!

Greetings, DecemberWow, I cannot believe November flew by that quickly and we are now welcoming December. I am sure Jared will be delighted to know that we only have 24 days before Christmas. He has been excitedly doing the countdown since he saw in on the telly and was always looking forward each night to find out how many more days he still has to wait until Christmas arrives!

Greetings, December

November was a pretty busy month but lucky were were able to find time to set up the Christmas tree a few weeks before the December rush ushered in. My little one was all too eager to help hang those shiny Christmas balls and I let him finish the task. I thought he did a great job as I just had to do minor adjustments making sure there is plenty of space between the similar-colored balls. I got some lovely ribbons to spruce up the tree this year, too and as usual, we hung a bunch of the little man’s little plushy toys, and  we have some additions this year, including pretty Gigi and the brown bear keychain gifted to Jared by his ninang Niz. Aren’t they the cutest?  😉

December will prove to be a busy month. There will be a bunch of gatherings to attend, starting with the Mommy Blogger Philippines’ party on Friday and the little schooler’s Christmas party in class. Apart from wrapping gifts and preparing for Noche Buena, there are also loads of chores that needs to be done before Christmas, including washing the curtains and the sofa covers, giving Jared’s stuffed playmates a bath. We also need to tidy up the little one’s toys and books and segregate those that we will be sharing with the local food chain’s toy drive. I hope to get a bunch of these stuff done this week so wish me all the luck, right? 😉

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Hello December!

mum's thoughts, December

I cannot believe that 2013 is almost coming to an end. Time sure is playing tricks on everyone taking its usual course while we all struggle to keep up. I hope you have most of your 2013 goals and projects come to fruition. I also hope that you already managed to set up your Christmas tree, as I have not and is now cramming to get more cleaning done before I set up our tree. I am on it and will have it up in a day or two.  :heart:

December is a month of merrymaking, of lavish gifts and spending, of celebration, but it is also a month of being with our families, friends and loved ones and a perfect opportunity to share our blessings and our love especially to those who need it the most.

I am sure you also follow the news and are aware of the current plight of our kababayans in the Yolanda-stricken areas in Visayas. Financial aid, as well as in-kind donations flooded from all over the world and it is quite a relief to see that survivors are now picking up where they left off before the super typhoon ravaged their areas. Hopefully, in the midst of our partying and celebrating, we will find time to share something with these people, too. I am sure they will appreciate the gesture.

Let us all aim for a meaningful and fruitful month. May we all get what we wish for and may we always be inspired and served as inspiration to others.

Cheers to one amazing December!

image is from december2013calendarprintable.com

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