of age-old desktops + dedicated server hostings

I’ve had my PC for several years now.  5 years to be exact. I know it is ancient! The only part of it that is not 5 years old is the LCD Monitor and my mouse (the old one died on me several months back and Jared’s dad gave me his laptop’s mouse as replacement). It is no wonder that it functions so slow most of the time that accessing data and information stored in its harddrive would take me ages or, sometimes, storing more data will be impossible since there are no available memory space left!  There was even this one time when the harddrive crashed and I lost all the memories stored in it. Yes, including all the photographs of my then one-year-old tot! It was a good thing we’ve found someone to recover all the photos for a fee. Nightmare really and it is something I never want to happen again.

I know I needed a desktop upgrade ASAP, or probably I needed to replace the entire thing altogether and get myself a new one! But it is something I cannot afford at the moment. Maybe if some of my online endeavors prove to be lucrative I can save some so I can buy myself a new desktop come Christmas! It is still quite early to say, as I am still on the process of planting the seeds, so to speak, but who knows what happens 2 to 3 years down the road, right? I might have found a very high-paying online job by then and even needed to get myself one of those dedicated server hostings to power my online business.  Who knows!  It will be cool to lease an entire server on my own, right? I heard they are the most flexible, plus the owner has total control of what goes into his dedicated server, including which operating system to use or which hardware to utilize, plus the hosting company even throws in server administration service as part of the package. What more can you ask for, right?

Well, that is all wishful thinking for now, meanwhile I am stuck with my old and rusty desktop.

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