Robinsons Supermarket Celebrates 30 Years of Wellness + Shopping Convenience

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Robinsons Supermarket is celebrating its 30th year anniversary this month and one of the highlights of the occasion is unveiling the newly-renovated branch at Robinsons Forum in Mandaluyong City. It has been eons ago since I was last here and I am surprised at the many changes and improvements done in a matter of several years.

Aiming for utmost customer convenience and satisfaction, Robinsons Supermarket continuously comes up with innovations to make shoppers’ lives a lot easier and and make shopping more convenient. Personally, I enjoy going to my local Robinsons Supermarket during grocery day as they have everything we might need conveniently in one place. I also love that most of their fresh produce are being sold at reasonable market-low prices. Of course, it also helps that I can easily pay bills and do other errands in the mall after I am done with the groceries. I can even go to my favorite Daiso shop, and yes, no trip to the mall will ever be complete without stopping by the department store so the little one can check out the latest toys on display.

Top 5 Things I Love About Robinsons Supermarket

Ms. Aja Totanes, Robinsons Supermarket’s Marketing Director, was gracious enough to tour us around the newly-renovated Robinsons Supermarket Forum branch and here are some of the things I love here:

announcement, Robinsons Supermarket, shopping, simple pleasures

announcement, Robinsons Supermarket, shopping, simple pleasures
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