mum's thoughts: my pledge to read the printed page

Read the Printed Word!

Read the Printed Word!

“How my life has been brought to undiscovered lands, and how much richer it gets – all from words printed on a page…. How a book can have 560 pages, but in only three pages change the reader’s life.”

– Emoke B’Racz, Writing in Malaprop’s Newsletter

The first most vivid memory I had about reading is when I was in the first grade pouring over my Filipino textbook + it dawned on me that I finally learned how to read. I can vaguely remember parts of mum-teaching-me-how-to-read episodes. It was then that I discovered the art of reading + I never stopped.

In grade school, I’d finish most of my textbooks (mainly the languages ones, English, Reading, Literature + Filipino) way ahead of the rest of the class. I’d be reading stories upon stories (yes, even those that are not yet assigned to be read) + all I had to do is re-read them the time my teacher assigned it as a homework for the next school day. In fourth grade, there were only too few textbooks around + we don’t get to bring a copy home, so I’d read some of them during my break or spare time. I also read the old textbooks in school (the ones labeled “Ministry of Education,” which were phased out after the fall of the Marcos regime).

I read about a gazillion stories, I think.

During my high school days, the love for paperbacks + romance novels sprung. I was one of those who’d put a paperback inside a lecture’s notebook + pretend I’m listening to the teacher as she discussed;) It was also around this time that I discovered Shakespeare + his lovely poetic proses that I was thrilled to read (think Romeo + Juliet, Merchant of Venice, among others). I also discovered Jonathan Livingston Seagull + his amazing adventure + the Little Prince + his lovely planet, too!

I’ve been everywhere, thanks to my books. I’ve been to Paris, to Rome, to Vatican, to the Caribbean, to the streets of Manhattan + London + through the magical walls of Hogwarts School. + whenever I open a printed page, I was taken back to when I was a little girl with my very first new book. I simply love the scent of new books. I revel in them, turning the pages one by one. Browsing through the book before getting down to read it.

I simply revere books. Strictly no dog ears + back in the days, I’d painstakingly cover my books, yes including the books I borrowed from friends. That’s why most of my friends like it when I borrowed their books, since I cover them all before I return them.

Reading is something I’d like to leave my son, just like how my father ingrained the habit in us. I guess it was one of the best legacies he’s given us + when it is my time I’d like to do the same.

Did I tell you that I pledge to read the printed page (see the lovely black + white graphics up there). The dawn of modern technology gave birth to the 21st century style of reading, via e-readers like Kindle + iPad, but they would simply fail in comparison with the adventure + the feeling of browsing through the printed page.

Which do you prefer, the printed or the digital page?

Love + Light,

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