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Press Release: Ready To Homeschool ~ A Primer on Homeschooling

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Beyond The Silver and The Gold, Condo Coach and The Event Detailer presents Ready To Homeschool – A Primer on Homeschooling by Michelle Padrelanan. Held at D’ Cup Coffee Republic on April 14, 2018 at 1:00 – 5:00 p.m., this learning event is for newbie homeschoolers and those who are exploring this educational option.

Homeschooling in the Philippines has slowly but surely gained popularity in the last 15-20  years. Previously seen as an educational method that was only available to young actors and actresses and the elite or rich, it is now a viable alternative to sending children to traditional schools. What is homeschooling and how is it done? Michelle Padrelanan plans to answer that and other questions pertaining to homeschooling that will give the attendee the confidence to homeschool their child.

Parents will also learn the pros and cons of homeschooling, how to start homeschooling, how to craft their family’s homeschool mission statement, how to handle major life events while homeschooling and where to enroll. As a bonus feature, attendees will receive a list of free homeschool resources that can be found online.

After the seminar, attendees will be Ready To Homeschool!  They will have the confidence to embark on their family’s homeschool journey with a vision of the future of their homeschooled children.

Michelle Padrelanan has been homeschooling their children since 2002. She has successfully graduated their two older children who are now thriving in college. Her passion for homeschooling has lead her to create her blog in 2010, Beyond The Silver and The Gold, to encourage and inspire other families to homeschool.  She firmly believes that the key to nation building is building up a strong family. Therefore, parenting needs to be intentional. She and her husband work together to build up their children’s faith in God, develop their character and strengthen their family values. She is well-known in the homeschool community as an influencer, blogger, speaker and a veteran homeschool mom.

Registration for Ready To Homeschool is ongoing at Ticket price is P1,100.00.

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1st Day At The Little Man’s New Playschool

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on our way to school…

January 13 was the little man’s first day in his new playschool so I made sure that we woke up and prepared early. I packed his measly school stuff {his Thor notebook and his Thomas the Train pencil case that has an assortment of pencils, colored pens and a sharpener} onto his bag and off we go.

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Hi-Q Tutorial and Play Center

Our new playschool is about 15 minutes away from our place and since we were early that day, we still managed to have a morning walk to the main road where we road the jeepney to school. Hi-Q Tutorial and Play Center is located at the Feliza Jazz Building that also housed the local Philhealth office.

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the little man tracing letters

The little man was already familiar with his new teacher as we’ve already been there for his assessment the week before. I noticed that his teacher have a folder of activities for my son to do that day and they started out with coloring and tracing the first few letters of the alphabet. Jared was not too keen at first and wanted to explore a bit more of his new surroundings, but he was able to finish some of his tracing sheets and a number of coloring pages. After the exercises they also had storytelling time and learning about numbers.

Teaching little children can be very difficult that is why I admire pre-school teachers for their patience and perseverance. I also noticed how Teacher Cheenie would convince Jared to continue writing or learning even when he is already complaining to be tired. When his attention is wandering off somewhere else, the teacher would then shift to other activities to get his attention. The best thing that works for the little man so far are the mega blocs. He was so enamored by them that he looked forward to playing with them at the end of his class.

Compared to his former playschool, Hi-Q is focused on one-on-one style of learning, which I think is the most ideal for kids of Jared’s age. There were no other children around that day as I was told most of the kids as old as Jared would normally go to the center in the afternoon. I guess it works to my little one’s advantage as there would be less distraction to pique his interest.

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To-Buy List for Starting Nursery

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There are lots of emotions associated with starting nursery. If your little one is starting in September, you might find that you’re experiencing a mixture of excitement, worry and anticipation. This is perfectly natural, and all parents feel the same way. Some children can’t wait to start and meet new friends while others might be a little more apprehensive. Either way, getting prepared early is the key to getting off to the best possible start. So, what do you need to buy before your child starts nursery school?

The most important thing to buy is comfortable clothes that you won’t mind getting too messy. There is lots of creative play and exploring to be done at nursery, so don’t send them off in anything too pristine or expensive if they’re going to be spending each day playing with poster paints and glue and playing games outside and getting muddy. Most children are mucky pups, so send them in something loose, comfy and not too precious.

While many nurseries will provide food for the day, including snacks, some children are fussy eaters or may have special dietary requirements, or you may just feel more comfortable providing them with your own food from home. There are lots of novelty lunchboxes and coolbags aimed specifically at children decorated with their favourite characters from TV and film. You can also buy a special bottle for them to make them happier about lunchtimes, and you can pack it full of their favourite foods. Just check in advance if anything should be left out in case other children have allergies.

It can help children feel more grown up if they’re allowed to take their own little bag with them. Some nurseries, especially those linked with a primary school, provide their own book bags, but if not you could give them a little rucksack in which they can pack their favourite toy or book so that they will feel comforted by something from home. You can also put a spare copy of your contact details in their bag in case it goes missing or there is a problem. Also make sure that the bag is clearly marked with their name.

Some days there might be specific activities the children are allowed to participate in, such as cooking, special arts and crafts or sports, so make sure you know about these in advance so you can provide them with the appropriate kit or ingredients. Most nurseries will be able to provide everything for the majority of activities, but there might be times when they appreciate contributions from parents, so find out if this is the case.

Jennifer Oster is a young mother to two nursery age children who are growing up fast and blogs about her experiences as a parent

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Visiting Our Local Kumon

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the Kumon flyer I got as a memento from our visit

I have been toying with the idea of enrolling the little man to Kumon, I am thinking it would be a great enhancement to the lessons we will have at home when I decide to homeschool him. Some mommy blogger friends were talking about it online a few weeks back and since I’ve been meaning to check it out anyway, I decided to pay the local branch a visit. It was located at the Blas F. Ople Diversions Road in Bulihan. And I am glad that Jared’s dad was around to drive us there since this area is really out-of-the-way.

Our visit was so timely as a parent orientation was slated in a week. This orientation is a pre-requisite to enrollment and this is when potential students are assessed, too.

Kumon in a nutshell

It is an afterschool supplemental learning program. Its structured Math or Reading programs are comprehensive and individualized to match each child’s learning pace. It has been around for 50 years and has been accepted by 47 countries around the world.

Students go to the center twice in a week and are given homework daily for non-center days.

Tuition Fees

Monthly tuition is Php1,800 for children grade six and below. There is also a one-time Registration Fee of Php500.

How to enroll

All you have to do is find a Kumon Center, attend the Parent Orientation and have your child take the Diagnostic Test. When your child pass, the parents and the Kumon instructors will then discuss the study projection especially made for your child.

The Malolos City Study Center is a small facility that can accommodate only a number of students at a time. I find this most ideal as the little man can really do away with the stress related to seeing one too many unfamiliar faces and objects at the same time.

I am scheduled to attend their next orientation, I will let you know how it goes.

Malolos City Study Center
Unit 1 Caltex, Blas F. Ople Diversion Rd., Bulihan, City of Malolos 3000
:phone:  {044)662-4501
:cell: 0917-5420385

mum's thoughts parenting 101 tips and tricks

art as an effective tool for early childhood learning

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this image first appeared on Jared’s Little Corner

Art is not only one perfect way to express oneself but it is also one effective tool to promote learning in little children. By using fun + colorful materials you will be sure that your little ones will develop a good studying + learning habit early on in life. + by utilizing enjoyable ways to teach them new ideas + skills, they will be sure to learn the things you teach them in no time at all! + by doing so, who knows, your child might just grow up to be the next Picasso or create one of those amazing lds paintings  + dabble in the arts when he is all grown up!

So how do you start early childhood learning by using art + art materials that are readily available at home or can be easily found in your local crafts or school supplies shops? Make sure that you get the basic art supplies, which can include clay, crayons, water color + the likes. You may also add in a sheaf of colored papers + a pair of safety scissors to your stash. Bear in mind that little children are drawn to colorful things so make sure you choose the most engaging colors you can find.

Here are a few suggestions for activities you might want to do with your kiddos:

  • Color away ~ give your little ones a box of crayons + a coloring book {you can also check out for free printables online} or a number of blank plain paper he can doodle + scribble on. Do not limit his canvass to that paper + move on to painting egg shells, bottles + whatever objects he may opt for {as long as mum approves, of course! ;)}
  • Endless fun with colored papers + a pair of scissors ~ let your little one cut away by providing him colorful paper strips to cut into little shapes he desires. Just make sure you get him the age-appropriate ones to ensure that he won’t be hurting himself while using the scissors. You can also make an artwork by pasting all the cut outs onto a sheet of paper, forming whatever shapes you like
  • Watercolor fun ~ simply give your kiddo a pallet + a blank paper + let him create his very first watercolor masterpiece. He can draw shapes, letters, numbers or whatever he fancies. Just let his imagination run wild!
  • Create with clay ~ help him create his favorite characters or his favorite food using this gooey, colorful stuff. I bet he will have a grand time!
Bear in mind that the art activities you ought to be doing should depend on the age + abilities of your children. Also, do not forget to consider to follow your child’s lead in every activity. Happy learning! ;)
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teaching the little man with materials easily found at home

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I never miss the chance to teach my little man anything I can whenever an opportunity presented itself. There are numerous stuff around the house that we can use to work on Jared’s hand-eye coordination skills ~ pasta, macaroni, various re-purposed containers in different sizes, I’ve got an assortment of them here at home. Anything to get those little, grubby hands busy, really! + these cute pink rubber stamps are just one of them.

I originally bought these to adorn my postcards but it turned out to pique the little man’s interest so the stamps are now kept safe together with his other tot school stuffs. He use the tiny blocks to make several towers by stacking them one top of the other, or to make a choo-choo train by arranging them up in a straight line. We also count them all up or I ask him to name the items found on each rubber block on other occasions. I just simply let his imagination run wild as he plays!

Homeschooling our tots need not burn a whole in our pockets, we just need a little imagination + a handful of creativity! I will share more about our tot schooling fun next time, or see more of Jared in action with these rubber stamps on this Kids in Doodles post! :)


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