“Find Him A Playmate”

the little man doing kiddie karaoke with Ate Shane + her cousins

This is what Jared’s pedia advised me when we recently went to her clinic for the little man’s scheduled check-up. Although our pedia was very delighted with Jared’s progress in speaking, she advised me to find a playgroup or a preschool for toddlers where Jared can attend. Interacting with kids his age will work wonders for him, she said and I guess I cannot agree more. Apart from helping him with his language and speech, I am sure having regular playmates and being surrounded by children his age will also be good for his self-esteem and emotional maturity.

So plans of having him homeschooled or enrolling to Kumon will be put off for the time being. Instead I will be scouting for a local playschool to enroll my little man. Any suggestions?

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Homeschooling Jared: Lessons On Shapes

children learning, homeschooling, mum's thoughts, Jared's nook, tot schooling
the little man sorting through his box of shapes

Little toddlers can be quite tricky to teach. For one, it is really quite difficult to engage their short attention span when they chose to be occupied with too many things at the same time. That is why I really make the most of those opportunities when the little man is showing keen interest on learning. Just like last week when he showed particular curiosity on the would-be shapes lesson I’ve earlier prepared for him! I cut out big papers and various shapes in small sizes in advance. I places the little shapes in a box. Jared chose a big shape to work on and he will search for the similar little shapes in the box to paste onto the bigger shape.

children learning, homeschooling, mum's thoughts, Jared's nook, tot schooling
working with the glue stick

The little man enjoys this activity and I was surprised that he can now use a glue stick on his won. He was able to finish our circle lesson with just a little help from mum. After which, he was again occupied with some other things. This time he was bathing Iron Man with the different shape cut-outs instead of sorting and gluing them. Oh well, maybe we’ll just finish the rest of the shapes next time!  😀

children learning, homeschooling, mum's thoughts, Jared's nook, tot schooling
enjoying his shapes lesson

For this lesson, I used materials that are readily available at home including:

  • several pieces of colored paper
  • glue {if you are buying one, choose something that is easy enough for the kiddos’ stubby fingers to use}
  • a pair of scissors
  • stuff around the house which you can use to trace some shapes like circles {coins} and stars
  • a box {i used a toy box} to put the little cut out shapes where your little one can sort through
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