Places To Go For Easter Egg Hunting 2014

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Planning for a fun Easter Sunday activities for your little ones? The good news is that you do not need to go far as you are sure to find one near you for some Easter fun and egg-hunting activities this year.

Here are a few Easter Sunday events and activities you might just find in the local mall near you:

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Are You Easter-Ready?

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a little Easter egg basket which doubles as a home decoration

I am not much of a super-mum who can throw elaborate Easter celebration complete with decors and Easter gift baskets at home even when I want to. In fact I have never attempted to have one and I am sure I am not the only one. There are a lot of us who would simply drool at all these creative and colorful Easter egg DIY crafts found online thinking we can make some of them at home, too. But never worry, as Easter hops on so does hope for the creatively-challenged mums like us!¬† ūüėõ

I am sure we can still have one smashing Easter bash with only too few preparations and without sweating and fussing over the big stuff, especially those we cannot do. So here’s how you can introduce the amazing and colorful ideas of Easter to your little ones without losing your head.

  • Watch Easter-themed movies with the kiddos ~ last Christmas Jared got acquainted with the Easter Bunny {and all the other lovely characters} through the movie Rise of the Guardians. He totally loved the film. Earlier this month I have downloaded the movie Hop¬†so he can ge re-acquainted with the famous bunny, as well as all the other beautiful things related to Easter. I am sure there is a long list of movies with the same theme you can download and watch at home with your little ones
  • Go on an Easter Egg Hunt¬†¬†~ nothing will get the children more familiar than whisking them into the thick of the action, so this year, check out your local malls or communities for egg hunting activities and have your children listed. I bet they will have a marvelous time locating all the beautifully-decorated Easter eggs. If the little man is feeling way better by Sunday, I will make sure to bring him to the nearest egg-hunt we can find.
  • Create Easter Crafts with the Little Ones ~ Draw and cut eggs and ask your children to color them whichever way they like. Boil a few chicken and quail eggs and let the little one color them with paint or colored pens. You can also ask them to count the eggs or sort them by color. I’ve found these simple Easter-related crafts online which I plan to make with my little man once he got a bit better, hopefully he will like them.
  • Decorate for Easter ~ to create the warmth and feel of Easter in your own living room, why not have a bit of Easter decoration, too. Color a number of eggs and put them in a dainty basket. You can use the eggs for egg hunt activities come Sunday. You can also rummage the internet for free printables you can hang on your wall or put in frames as instant Easter decor. Let the kids help in preparing these decorations to make it more enjoyable.
  • Prepare Easter Treats¬†~ you can be as creative as baking Easter cookies or cakes and putting them in bunny-shaped baskets or containers. For those of us who cannot bake to save our lives, we can simply create an Easter basket and fill it with treats that the little ones will like. To make this basket healthier, we can fill it with healthy snacks in pastel Easter colors, or with¬†sugar free Easter candy¬†packs you can buy online or in your neighborhood stores.

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happy easter everyone!

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The story of Easter is the story of God’s wonderful window of divine surprise. Carl Knudsen
While everyone else is flocking to their respective Easter Egg Hunt activities this morning, the little man is engrossed with yet another Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode + simply refuse to take a bath. I have been meaning to bring him along to the mall today + check out whatever Easter-related activities they might have + thought we’d join the fun. But, it seems like the little man has another plan, besides, he is also nursing a bit of coughs + colds, that I might just opt for us to stay at home so he can have enough rest + just relax while playing with his toy cars.
Even if our Easter plans will not push through, I see no reason why I shouldn’t greet you all a “Happy Easter!” It is one occasion that brings hope to all of us + I would really love that we celebrate with you, but, am going to have to settle with what’s ahead + probably check out what’s on the tellie today, instead. I have found a lot of interesting local + foreign, albeit translated to Filipino, movies the past few days + I realized how much I love doing this + being a couch potato. So, I’d probably check out in a while + see what mum + the little man can watch.

Happy Easter everyone + I hope you are having a great one! ūüėČ

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