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Time indeed flies when you are having fun + after more than 40 parenting episodes, more than 2,000 website members + 11 highly-applauded events, is adding another feather on its cap as it celebrates its 2nd year anniversary last September 10 at the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel in Libis. They invited a number of mummy bloggers to join them in this momentous occasion, + this mum is just lucky to be included 😉 {I first attended a event in February, check out the story here}

thank you Mommy Joy for this photo

It was the first time I am going to Eastwood on my own  + I was both excited to be out for some well-deserved me-time + giddy to explore a new place for the first time. Needless to say I was also excited to be seeing a number of mommy blogger friends + attending a event again, this weekend couldn’t be better.

Luckily for me, albeit I was rather late to arrive, the festivities has not started yet when I got to the Amberley Room of this lavish hotel. The mummy bloggers were just starting to snap some group photos + I managed to squeeze myself in just in time for the amiable photographer to take the shot! {Now I need to bug my friends to get a copy of that photo ;)}, Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, food, event

We were asked to register right after that + were also given the go signal to partake in the mouth-watering feast Richmonde Hotel’s resident  chef, Bienvendo Chavez, prepared for us that day. Rows upon rows of delectable appetizers, scrumptious pastas + dishes, + sinful desserts greeted us. They were all a sight to behold + this mum just couldn’t help but snatched a few {in fact, a lot!} of photos for posterity!, 2nd Anniversary, Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, food, event
thank you Mommy Peh for these images

After treating our palates to one delectable gastronomic experience, Ms. Tin-tin Bersola-Babao, warmly welcomed us to the day’s event. Apart from celebrating their 2nd anniversary, it was also’s first ever bloggers; day that everyone is just bubbling with excitement. She was also happy to note, apart from’s milestone of the past year, the many good stuffs fans + supporters of ought to expect as they ushered in their 3rd year, first of which is that families can now enjoy watching’s episodes on Knowledge Channel, Skycable Channel 42 {check out the airtime schedules at the end of this post}. They are also brewing upcoming projects including the Search for Teen Bloggers as would love to hear an opinion or two from the teenagers out there + Xmas Booth Promo which will entitle a lucky member to win a free booth at The Grand International Importers + Exporters Christmas Bazaar., 2nd Anniversary, event, food

Awarding of winners for Toddler Contest {where another mommy blogger’s son, Vince Crispaul Salinas, together with pretty little girl, Harrich Jean Agbisit, won the top prizes} + Online Quiz {topped by fellow mommy blogger Bedalyn Aguas}, followed thereafter. They won premium items from Ainon Baby + accommodation to Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, respectively.'s 2nd Anniversary,, Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, food, event

A mind-opener talk given by Vanessa Garon of  The Nazareth Formation House, on addiction that can develop even from early childhood, immediately followed. 2 resource persons, in their early 20’s, bravely talked about their life-long personal war with internet addiction + displaced anger. Everyone was silent + intently listening. We were all so deeply touched by their stories. I bet if Ms. Tintin did not pause to raffle off some Robbie Rabit bags to the attendees, we would’ve all ended up sniffing + crying! I bow to them for the courage to accept that they are addicted + for mustering an even greater amount of courage to seek help + work on their reformation. I will always include them in my prayers, that they may be free of these addictions one day soon. {I will also write about their story in a separate post},'s 2nd Anniversary , Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, food, event

A special song number by another member, Star, served as an icebreaker after a very serious and heavy talk. You might think this lady is all comic, but you will instantly change your mind the second you hear her sing. She did a heart-warming rendition of Mandy Moore’s Only Hope, + boy, this lady can really sing! I am an instant fan! 🙂's 2nd Anniversary,, Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, event, food

The next speaker of the day, Zonito Torevillas-Tamasa, a food innovator who co-owns Golden Style Cafe in SM Sta. Mesa, talks about healthier foods + alkalinity.  She discussed briefly about the balance of acidity + alkalinity in our body + how it impacts our health + our well-being. Would you believe that a glass of water with a spoon of sea salt may just be the answer to each + everyone of our body ailments? Unbelievable, really! But Ms. Zonita was a living example of what healthy eating habits + healthy living in general can work wonders in our body. She was diagnosed with cancer all those many years ago, but went in remission to total recovery after she changed her unhealthy lifestyle. She also demoed + prepared a healthy, delicious treat, a banana-mango-moringa powder fruit shake. I sampled it + instantly loved it! I bet even the little ones will love it! In fact, I bought a pack of her moringa {malunggay} + I intend to make some fruit shake treats at home using it 🙂

An innovative product by the same people who made the laundry detergent for babies, Cycles, EVEolution, Inc., + is endorsed by Ms. Tintin, Smart Steps, is presented, afterwards {I will make a separate post about this on my new site}. The mummies were also asked to reach under their seats to check out pieces of paper tucked there. We saw little pieces of paper scribbled with “p’s” + “m’s”which we found out later on to represent the words “pillow” + “mattress.”,'s 2nd Anniversary, Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, food, event

The last part of the program was dedicated to a tour of the suites and other amenities that Eastwood Richmonde Hotel has to offer. We trooped to the plush elevators to get to the 38th floor and saw the suites. They were all beautiful, with a relaxed + homey ambiance. We also went to the gym {the first time I’ve ever been to one, really!}, but failed to see the pool as it started raining hard.  The mummies snapped photos here + there, in my case, my camera’s battery went dead just before the end of Zonito’s talk, so I just gamely posed for anyone who will take pictures 😉

Just before we called it a day, we were offered second helpings of all the appetizing treat we had earlier + we were all full to our hearts’ content., Tintin Bersola, event,

We capped the day with group photos together with Ms. Tintin + a vtr of each of us taken while we greet a happy anniversary. The mummies also came home with goodies from the sponsors +, for this lucky mummy, a brand-new mattress from Uratex, my pasalubong to the little man 😉

Thank you for a wonderful weekend + congratulations Ms. Tintin, Ms. Estelle + all the‘s staff! Happy 2nd anniversary! Thank you to Mommy Peh for the invite {+ the photos}, as well 😉

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