Unilever, Smart, Cebuana Lhuillier Strengthens Partnership With A Shared Mission For Environmental Sustainability

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Surf sachets are used as an additive in creating cement pavers

Three industry leaders—Unilever, through its number one laundry brand Surf, Smart Communications and Cebuana Lhuillier—have renewed their commitment to champion environmental sustainability. With their shared mission to improve Filipino lives, the partners launched the third year of their Sachet Recovery Program. Through their joint efforts to create a process that is easy, convenient and rewarding, the program involves and educates more consumers about sustainability and waste recycling.

Unilever Philippines Chairman and CEO Rohit Jawa thanked their partners for their continued support in the endeavor to reduce the environmental impact of sachets. This, according to Jawa, is in line with the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan that aims to double their business while cutting their environmental footprint in half, and in the process, bringing a brighter future to one billion people worldwide.

announcement, mum for a cause, Unilever, eco-friendly, eco-friendly stuff
Surf, Smart and Cebuana Lhuillier turn over cement pavers to the Mandaluyong Elementary School

“We owe the Sachet Recovery program’s success these past two years to the valuable contributions of Smart Communications and Cebuana Lhuillier. This year, their bigger participation will definitely produce greater results for the benefit of the environment and Filipino communities,” Jawa said.

Since 2013, the Sachet Recovery Program has been teaching proper waste segregation and recycling by encouraging millions of Filipinos to collect empty Surf sachets in exchange for free Smart texts at any Cebuana Lhuillier branch nationwide.

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A Call + A Challenge To Conserve Water

conserve water now

Imagine, if you’re so thirsty but when you tried to get water from the faucet, you just squeezed a drop. Can you cook without water? Can you keep a good personal hygiene without water? In short, can you live without water? If you answered NO, then you must act now.

Recent studies showed that the Philippines is facing a water crisis over the next 10 years unless new sources are developed to meet growing demand.

“There is a [Japan International Cooperation Agency] study that says that in 2025 if we will not conserve water, there may be some problems. But of course we can always start conserving now and look for other sources,” said Edgar C. Lopez, Philippine Waterworks Association president.

“Groundwater in the Philippines may be depleted by the year 2050,” a University of the Philippines professor said in a report based on a study that started in 2006.

“The Philippines is one of the countries in Asia Pacific that is facing an imminent water crisis unless steps are immediately undertaken to improve water management,” according to a study by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The country is facing this unfortunate reality and we are not supposed to ignore it.

In line with this, a group of communication professionals and graduate students from the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) is pushing a social marketing campaign to encourage the Filipino families in water conservation. They aim to create massive awareness on how important the discipline in water consumption is and what would be the worst scenarios if the Filipinos failed to act now.

The group is also hosting a Conserve Water Challenge 2013, encouraging the participants to share their creativity in presenting water conservation tips and how they implement it in their daily lives to lower their monthly water bill. A participant can make use of video, photo collage or blogs. The best entry and the one who will prove to have lowered their water bill by applying the water conservation tips they have presented will win P5,000 cash! There are also 10 consolation prizes of P500 worth of water bill. The submission of entries is until September 15, 2013.

For more information about the Conserve Water Challenge 2013, follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ConserveWaterNow and on Twitter: https://twitter.com/conserveh2onow

Water is Life. Conserve Water NOW before it’s too late.

Mum’s thoughts

Water is one of our basic need and we must all strive now to save it before it is too late. Do join the Conserve Water Challenge 2013 to share your unique ideas on how to save on water and learn of other ways on how you can do the same. It is high time we take it upon our hands to conserve resources that are available to us now, not only for our children but also for their children. 

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Product Review: Spray n’ Go Waterless Car Cleaners

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I have mentioned on several occasions that I am in constant search for earth-friendly products to replace those that I have been using at home and early this year I was delighted to find out that one of my favorite brands just came out with their own 100% natural dishwashing cleanser and laundry detergent! This wanna-be green mum was more than ecstatic and is keeping my fingers crossed that they come out with a natural all-around home cleaner for the house, too.

Everything green and eco-friendly is okay in my book that is why when Spray n’ Go Waterless Car Cleaners approached me to ask if they can send over some samples for review, I agreed. Of course, I had to ask Jared’s dad first, since he will be the one to try the products as I do not have any inkling of how to use them whatsoever and I have never tried washing a car before. So I am just glad that he readily agrees! 🙂

review, product review, eco-friendly stuff, earth-friendly products, cars

Spray n’ Go Waterless Car Cleaners sent me the following products to try:

  • Waterless Carwash and Quick Detailer
  • Waterless Glass Cleaner
  • Waterless Rim and Tire Cleaner

The package {in a brown bag} also comes with a microfiber towel to apply the products with. This set sells for Php660.

Spray n’ Go Waterless Car Cleaners in a nutshell

This is what their Facebook Fan Page says:

Save time and water but still maintain a clean and shiny car. Reduce frequency of washes with our water and dust repellent waterless car cleaners. Remove water spots, preserve your car paint, add an extra gloss and protect it from extreme sunlight! We make use of Filipino-made eco-friendly and biodegradable products. It lubricates to remove stubborn dirt without the risk of scratching the paint. The product evaporates to prevent further spotting. It also enhances the gloss of your car making it look refreshed.

And this is how the Spray n’ Go Waterless Car Cleaners work its magic:

  • Pre-clean your car to remove dust, loose dirt and contaminants on the car surface using a feather duster
  • Spray Spray n’ Go with an even mist, one section at a time. Let it settle to lubricate and lift stubborn dirt
  • Wipe the surface in one direction to remove dirt, using a folded microfiber towel
  • Buff the surface with the same circular motion using the dry side of the same microfiber towel

A single application of these car cleaners is enough to make your car sparkling clean and according to Jared’s dad they clean better than just water and soap. In fact, a 100ml Car Wash can last up to 6 to seven washes, while the Glass Cleaner can wipe your windows clean for 11 times while the Rim and Tire Cleaner can last up to 5 or 6 wishes on average-sized cars.

Mum’s two cents

review, product review, eco-friendly stuff, earth-friendly products, cars
review, product review, eco-friendly stuff, earth-friendly products, cars
Jared’s dad’s car is spotlessly clean after one application, too bad he was not able to take a “before” photo
Firstly, I love that these car cleaners are made up of earth-friendly coconut-based components, it has no solvents that can damage your paint, no harmful chemicals that can render your tires brittle. These products are in fact cosmetic-grade, making it gentle and safe even for human skin. Using Spray n’ Go not only give Mother Nature a break from all the harmful chemicals that go into the waterways but also lend a hand in conserving water supply, too. Did you know that you consume about 40 gallons of water whenever you wash your car at home? And some people even wash their cars several times in a week. With Spray n’ Go , you not only save up on water, but also reduces the number of times you have to wash your car as they coat your car from dust and grime, as well as preserve and revive the car’s original paint color.

Two thumbs up also for this products being Filipino-made, it is a living proof that Filipinos can clearly create green products that are not only effective but affordable, too. I may not be too familiar with car cleaning products but if there are greener alternative that allows you to use no harmful chemicals in cleaning your car and lets you save a considerable amount of water, then I am all for it!

review, product review, eco-friendly stuff, earth-friendly products, cars
I give this product the highest rating I can give: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

Currently, Spray n’ Go is giving away 10 sets of Spray n’ Go Waterless Car Cleaners {a set of Waterless Car Wash and Quick Detailer, Waterless Glass Cleaner and Waterless Rim and Tire Cleaner. Join here

Apart from these car cleaning products, Spray n’ Go also offers cleaning and detailing services, as well as business opportunities in the forms of product dealers and service outlets. For more information do get in touch with them through the following way:
Their various products are also sold at:

AutoProject Custom Paint Detailing
Email: autoproject.custompaint@gmail.com
Landline: (043) 706-1189
Mobile: 0917-5048677 / 0915-1190803

Disclaimer: I was given these products for FREE for review purposes. I was not, in any way, compensated for this post. Opinions are 100% my own, too.

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