Junior Preneur: inspiring your little businessman

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It is never too early to teach our little ones about the concept of money and saving, as well as nurturing their minute entrepreneurial spirits. In fact, the earlier we introduce the concept, the easier it is for them to understand and appreciate these things. That is why, if you are a mum to gradeschoolers or pre-teens, I highly recommend you visit the Junior Preneur event this coming Saturday!

Junior Preneur in a nutshell

Nothing will inspire your budding entrepreneur than to spend an afternoon with children of like mind, participating in the biggest kids’ bazaar . And if you are so inclined, you can get a booth for P1,500 – 5,000 {depending on your choice of size and location}, and  your little one, and the entire family, can do a selling activity for one whole day.
Not only that you can give your children their very first experience at earning, it is also a perfect opportunity to introduce to them the concept of saving and open their very own bank account, if you haven’t already. A whole lot of other activities are also in store for you and your little business tycoons. Shop for great bargains, let your little ones join in contests and games to win exciting prizes, as well as watch an animal show! Apart from that, you can also teach your children all about charity and compassion as they meet less fortunate children from Cribs and Tahanan Sta. Lusia.

Event details

When: 10 November, 2012, Saturday {12nn-8pm}
Where: People’s Village, Tiendesitas
Are you all psyched up yet to go to this kids bazaar and meet diminutive entrepreneurs? Here’s what you have to do:
  • Sign up at Junior Preneur’s Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/juniorpreneur {and don’t forget to visit them for the program schedule} and pay only P50 admission fee, that’s 50% off from the regular P100 entrance!
  • To reserve a booth,  call the Secretariat Office at 377-3720 or 09399372328. You may also email them at info@juniorpreneur.org
  • You may also visit The Junior Preneur Website {juniorpreneur.org/} for more information
The money you will use to reserve a booth or pay for admission at the Junior Preneur can go a long way. It will provide your children with enriching activities and experiences. Now that is what I call a good investment. Now that’s what being a smart mum is all about!
This event is brought to us by Zoomanity Group, Sony Life, Security Bank, Energen, Ferretti Shoes, Zest-o, TOPS, It Figures and Mister Donut.
See you all this Saturday! 😉
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Getting back in gear for the new school year

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Gearing up for the new school year can be just as challenging an aspect of raising a child as any, yet often parents find themselves feeling alone and abandoned when they search for advice.

Your Bounty pregnancy guide talked you through your pregnancy week by week; you undoubtedly had books advising you on weaning, teething and toddler tantrums; but now your little darling is almost five it seems no more information is forthcoming.

There are many ways in which you can help your child prepare for school, not just for their very first term but every September.

Focus of putting routines in place

Establishing routines early on is very helpful – when children go to school they are expected to follow a particular routine that starts from what time they get up in the morning and dictates their every move throughout the school day.

Familiarising your child with routines helps ease the passage from home to school, especially in those first few frightening weeks.

Begin by setting a bedtime and getting up time before school starts. You will know how long your child takes to get used to new things, so let them guide you. Some will be happy with a new routine after they have performed it twice, others will need a few weeks to get used to it before they stop feeling nervous.

Try to incorporate set meal times into the routine as well, but make sure you leave time aside each day for free play and relaxation.

Help your child become a bookworm

Reading is one of the most important skills a child can learn; it not only opens the door to learning but can become a truly enjoyable pastime which keeps on teaching for life.

No doubt you already tell your child a bedtime story – try to extend this by reading familiar books and running your finger under the words as you say them.

When you get to a phrase your child likes, pause and get them to ‘read’ it. Even though they will begin by reciting from memory, eventually they will come to associate the string of letters with the word they are saying.

For older readers, encourage them to indulge in their hobby as often as possible, and don’t worry too much about them reading something ‘worthwhile’ – the more children are allowed to read what interests them, the more likely they are to continue to enjoy reading for many years to come.

Introduce role-play scenarios

If your child is particularly anxious about starting school, it can be a good idea to let them ‘practice’. This can take many forms – role-play works well in some situations. When role-playing a classroom scenario let your child dictate as far as possible – this gives them the opportunity to voice any particular fears they may have in a safe environment.

See if your school will allow you to come in and take a tour before term starts. If your child already feels confident that they know where their classroom is and have met their teacher it can make beginning school seem a lot easier.

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reach for the stars with skyxplore

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This mum has always been fascinated with the stars + back when I was a little girl, I would spend hours gazing up in the sky, waiting for a falling star so I could wish on it! I also love looking at the full moon + would always try to locate Polaris wherever I go. + I would love this to rub in on my little man. Needless to say, I was excited when I was invited to witness the launch of Skyxplore, a new Mobile Digital Planetarium, held at the Diliman Preparatory School on 18 April, 2012.

events, best things to do this summer, educational activities for children, Skyxplore

Skyxplore, the country’s first of its kind, is a 7-meter diameter Digital Mobile that opened in May of last year. The device consists of a digital projector which evenly distributes light from the machine onto the dome, thus giving the participants inside a perfect view of the sky above us, sans the smog + the pollution! It also provides a larger-than-life view of the heavenly bodies, including the myriads of constellations, the galaxies, + the planets. Embark on a tour of the celestial creations + feel as if you are standing at the edge of Mars or Saturn! What’s best is that you can even see sunrises of the past + check out future meteor showers + solar eclipses!

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