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June 9 – Favorite Subject

My favorite subject will + always will be languages + reading – English + Literature. I guess it is probably because I excel in it (compared to my performance in other subjects, like Math, that is!) + I just definitely enjoy the home works + the activities. I love to read poetry + prose, novels + short stories + essay, too. I also enjoy doing the exercises like writing book reports, reaction  papers + formal themes, I simply revel in them + I look forward to getting them done. One of my favorite ever is when we are assigned to read Jonathan Livingston Seagull + make a reaction paper. It was a fascinating + inspiring read, I actually read it a few times over in the past years. I also find grammar, subject-verb agreement + all those syntax really fascinating.

I was also thinking back then that the English subject is actually one of the most practical + useful subject around since we can really put it to practice once we are out in the brave new world! It doesn’t hurt, too, that I feel like I am in my best element during English classes

So, what was your favorite subject in school?

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