Parenting 101: 7 Ways To Raise Eco-Friendly Children

Raising eco-friendly children has never become a necessity until today. With all the environmental issues we are facing, it is a must that we raise children to be more conscious about nature and the planet.

Although getting children to care about their surrounding may seem like a daunting task, it is highly doable. In fact, there are many simple ways to nurture the little ones’ interest in nature. Here are a few easy ways to help you in raising eco-friendly children:

Show them how to Save Water

Children learn by imitation and the best way to teach them to do something is by showing them. When you lecture them about saving water, show them how it is done. Show them how to save water by using a glass when brushing their teeth. You can also demonstrate the proper way of using the shower and saving water while taking a bath.

Adopt a Pet

Adopting a pet is an effective way to encourage empathy and responsibility in children. It is also a practical way to get them to care for nature. It might be a major decision for the family, but you can start by adopting a hamster or a rabbit. You can move on to adopting bigger pets, like a cat or a dog, when your child is older.

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green trading with ecotrade b2b marketplace

Lending a hand to help save the environment for our children’s future is everyone’s responsibility! A lot has to be done and no one man can accomplish the task but if each one of us will contribute, we can make a world of difference in making the Earth a better place to live in.

Being a struggling green mum, I try to help save the environment in whatever little way I can + I totally doff my hats to everyone else who do the same. That is why I am quite delighted to learn about the noble works of Korea Environmental Technology & Institute (KEITI). This is a government-subsidized institute that was set up to promote + develop green technology +  green products. This institute aims to secure the rise of environment industry which will alleviate climate change + improve the quality of life, in the long run.

Lofty goals you might think but through their project, Ecotrade B2B Marketplace, which highlights environment-related product trade solutions, as well as promote green products + green technology innovations in this age and time.

Watch this video to get a grasp of what Ecotrade is all about:

Ecotrade is a greener trade marketplace, which I personally believe, everyone should support + use in their own trading needs. Here are a few of the benefits Ecotrade offers:

For the buyers:

  • discover the latest environmental products + technologies
  • easy registration
  • offers a wide selection of trustworthy + reliable products
  • it connects you with one of the world’s largest b2b trade marketplace
  • provides relevant environmental industry information

For the sellers:

  • get to have your very own Ecotrade e-catalogue
  • receive inquiries from buyers anywhere in the world
  • have access to various services + information
  • get a chance to be affiliated with one of the world’s larges b2b marketplace + give your company even more opportunities

By registering either as a buyer or a seller, you not only gain access to a wide market or a better opportunities, you also get to have a chance to make an even bigger + better environmental impact!

As of writing, only Korean companies are allowed to register as Ecotrade sellers, but let’s do hope this becomes a worldwide phenomena + have every single company + seller in the world register!

To know more about Ecotrade, you may keep in touch with them through the following:

  • Facebook Fanpage:
  • YouTube Channel:
  • Website:
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