reach for the stars with skyxplore

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This mum has always been fascinated with the stars + back when I was a little girl, I would spend hours gazing up in the sky, waiting for a falling star so I could wish on it! I also love looking at the full moon + would always try to locate Polaris wherever I go. + I would love this to rub in on my little man. Needless to say, I was excited when I was invited to witness the launch of Skyxplore, a new Mobile Digital Planetarium, held at the Diliman Preparatory School on 18 April, 2012.

events, best things to do this summer, educational activities for children, Skyxplore

Skyxplore, the country’s first of its kind, is a 7-meter diameter Digital Mobile that opened in May of last year. The device consists of a digital projector which evenly distributes light from the machine onto the dome, thus giving the participants inside a perfect view of the sky above us, sans the smog + the pollution! It also provides a larger-than-life view of the heavenly bodies, including the myriads of constellations, the galaxies, + the planets. Embark on a tour of the celestial creations + feel as if you are standing at the edge of Mars or Saturn! What’s best is that you can even see sunrises of the past + check out future meteor showers + solar eclipses!

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hanson live in manila

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The Hanson brothers are in Manila for their Shout It Out Tour. They are slated to perform at Smart-Araneta tomorrow, 30 March, + in Waterfront, Cebu, the next day. + as of this writing my baby sister is probably going gaga over these 3 talented lads in SM North EDSA, where they have an album signing tonight. The little man + I would’ve loved to come but we had a change of plans before the event. I would’ve loved to photograph my Jared beside these guys + hope the he will grow up to be like them in the future: well-rounded, grounded, talented + inspiring individuals.

hanson, music, events, concertsWe have loved this band since the first time they came out in 1997, the Mmmbop era. Back when people are debating whether the lead vocalist, Taylor, is a boy or a girl, we are falling deeply with this group ‘s songs + their very first album, Middle of Nowhere. It was my sister, Cel, who is hit the hardest + went on to see them perform live in Manila for the first time in 2004. 

I must say my favorite Hanson album will have to be This Time Around + my most favorite song is Love Song + this is how this goes:

We talked about love a million times it seems
The words come out our lips like we forgot what it means
We said we’d be together ’til death do us part
But we said those words with only half our hearts

In this life long love song
You can love right you can love wrong
In this love song you can love long
And if you love wrong it doesn’t mean love’s gone

What can I say, I used to be a sucker for this kind of songs…+ if I were not a mother, I would probably one of those people lining up tomorrow to see them live in concert. I would most definitely enjoy it. Oh well, I will just wait for the stories from my sister. She must have a lot as she is lucky to win a slot at the Hanson pre-concert Meet + Greet, too, I know some people are just darn lucky! 🙂

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Anyway, if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, you might as well cram + get one from this groupon site, they are offering the upper box tickets at half the price. Check out the deal here:

Am sure this Hanson concert will be a blast, it’s just too bad that I cannot go to the show. But, nevertheless, there’s no reason why I cannot enjoy a Hanson show on youtube, right? I would check out a video + I’ll watch it with my little man tomorrow. 🙂

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where-to-weekend: 3rd umami culinary challenge, smx convention center

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What: The 3rd Umami Culinary Challenge

When: 20 January, 2012 between 8am to 6pm

Where: Hall 3, SMX Convention Center – Mall of Asia

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What’s in store for you:

  • This interschool culinary competion, which is the first of its kind, will feature 29 universities + colleges offering HRM + Nutrition courses, as well as 5 prestigious culinary schools
  • Be amazed as food enthusiasts + connoisseur face each other for one delectable + mouth-watering showdown! Witness as they dish out one scrumptious dish after another
  • Learn a trick or two on how to use the umami taste, the 5th basic taste, in your own cooking!
  • Watch cooking demos from some of the most respected chefs today: Rosebud Benitez, Boy Logro + Toto Erfe
  • This culinary challenge will be judged by cooking luminaries including Sandy Daza {remember the Inquirer column + his weekly cooking show? :)}+ Chef James Antolin {Pastry Alliance of the Philippines Vice President}
  • Get to see Sarah Geronimo, Ajinomoto’s endorser, in person
  • win great prizes by visiting all five Umami Stations at the venue
This gastronomical event is brought to all of us by the following sponsors:

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Get those toques + aprons ready + head on to the SMX Convetion Center this Friday! 🙂

For more information, contact the following:

Amiel Mendoza or Neil Mugas of EON, The Stakeholder Relations Firm

E-mail: /

Telephone Number: +632-893-5642 loc 156/153

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