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Expo Mom is one of the things I’d love to visit whenever the exhibit is on at the Rockwell Tent in Makati City. I’d travel a few hours to the city, along with my little man, just so I can check out the latest products on display, the interesting talks + the intermission numbers on the stage. My last Expo Mom experience is no different + I must say it was not only mum who enjoyed it. The little man also had a wonderful time checking out the toys on display + trying some of them out!

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Upon entry to the exhibit, Jared found this table of toys + he does not want to budge one bit from his chair. He was so consumed by the toys he found + abandons the interest to move on to the next booth. It really took us a while to cajole him to check out the other booths around! We got free diaper samples from that particular booth.

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It was a good thing the little man is up for checking out the rest of the exhibit, we have checked out a number of other booths + bought a couple of items for the little man including: a Guess tee {I got for P350}, an Okadi capri pants {my most expensive loot for the day, costs me P900, but I love the fabric + the item was imported from France}, a pair of Firefly toothbrush {I opted for the lighting varieties this time instead of our usual musical choice}, a pair of Tiny Buds Rice Powder {I even got a free wipes along for this purchase ;)}. I also bought 3 pairs of underwear for the little man, in Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse, + Toy Stories designs. Thought, they’d come handy when we start potty training later next month. ūüėČ

Apart from the items I bought, I also got a few sample items from some of the sellers, as well as freebies included in the Expo Mom loot bag, that by the time we are ready to leave for our other destination that day, my new Mommy Mundo bag is teeming with samples, brochures + new stuffs for the little man.

Kudos to Mommy Mundo for another successful event + looking forward to the Expo Mom Bazaar come December! ūüôā

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I am a hands-on mum who has 100% {maybe more, if were only possible!} involvement in my little man’s life, who wants to be there + share the minutest achievement or the most mundane of discoveries. How about you?

We mums can be called different names depending on how we’d like to go about our mothering. ¬† A techie mum who gives her kids all the trendiest gadgets, an earth-loving mum who uses cloth diapers + teach her children ways on how to care for the environment, + the list goes on + on. Or you can be a Jill-of-all-trades giving your little ones the best of all worlds! ūüôā

Whichever mothering paths you chose, trust Expo Mom to organize a 2-day event that not only showcases the latest mummy + baby products to help you about your mothering duties in style + keep up with the changing times, as well, but expect them to also invite experts to give inspirational talks on the more pressing issues + subjects at the moment.

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What: ExpoMom 2012: The Best Of Modern Motherhood

When: 05-06 May, 2012, 10AM-8PM

Where: Rockwell Tent, Makati City

What’s in store for you + your kiddos:

  • a wide array of mum + children products from more than a hundred booth participants
  • a series of talks by inspiring mum experts at the Expo Mom stage
  • admission is P25, which all goes to Mom Share charity. Remember that Mommy Mundo Passport holders gets in for free.¬†
  • you can also get a free token if you register to one of the talks scheduled at the Expo Mom stage
  • there are also food booths, kids play area, breastfeeding + diaper-changing areas provided for mum’s ultimate convenience
For more information, visit expomom.com or check out their Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/mommymundo.
What a perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day in advance than joining this year’s Expo Mom. Hope to see you all there! ^_^
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