Stop The 5 Signs Of #Eyeritation With Eye Mo For Optimal Eye Health

Modern-day Filipino lifestyle can take its toll on our eye health. People, young kids included, who spend many hours in front of the computer, the tellie, or a handheld gadget are prone to suffer from dry and itchy eyes. While those who are exposed to dirt and pollutants due to daily commute are more likely to suffer from a number of “eyeritation.”

What are the 5 signs of eyeritation?

  1. Red Eyes ~ a condition usually caused by allergy, dirt, smoke, pollution, or common eye infections which are the most common among people who are highly exposed to outdoor activities like motorcycle rider and commuters.
  2. Watery Eyes ~ excessive tearing not caused by normal crying may very well be a sign of an underlying health condition. When too many tears are being secreted, it is often because of irritation or inflammation of the surface of the eye that can be caused by external elements as well.
  3. Sore Eyes ~ is usually caused by staring into a computer screen or a book for too long.
  4. Itchy Eyes ~ are often caused by allergies. It can also occur when there is constant exposure to household elements like mold and dust. Rubbing the itchy eyes, even when you cannot resist the urge at times, won’t help.
  5. Dry Eyes ~ this is common to people who have high exposure to gadget, tellie, laptops, as well as those working in air-conditioned rooms. Lack of tears or moisture in the eyes is also common as we age.

Like other parts of your body, you should take care of your eyes. If you don’t take proper eye care, it can result to many eye diseases. – Earl Jayona, Marketing Manager for Eye Mo, LF Asia Philippines, Inc., Healthcare Division

Of course, our eyes are essential in our day-to-day activities and is just as important as the rest of the organs in our body. It is a must that we take care of it to ensure its health at all times. This is why I was excited to be invited to the recent re-launch of what used to be a household brand here in the country and is now aiming to help change the way Filipinos care for their eyes to beat the 5 signs of eyeritation. Eye Mo, will prove, once again, that it is a reliable partner in combating the uncomfortable signs of eye irritations and keeping our precious eyes in the pink of health.

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Eye Mo has 2 variants:

  1. Eye Mo Red Eyes Formula ~ contains Tetrahydrozoline HCl for quick relief of eye redness as well as minor discomforts caused by irritants.
  2. Eye Mo Moisturizing Formula ~ contains Hypromellose that lubricates and soothes the eyes, easing it from dryness and eye strain.

Eye Mo is now owned and manufactured by Combiphar Group of Companies, a leading multinational Indonesia-based consumer healthcare company, and  is distributed by LF Asia Philippines, Inc., that has more than 40 years worth of success as a leading healthcare distributor.

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Estimating The Cost Of Cataract Surgery

Estimating The Cost Of Cataract Surgery
image is from Paul Savage, Wikimedia Commons

The development of cataract is easy to treat while using different processes, and cataract surgery can be the last resort when your eye vision is deeply affected.  Here, you may have many queries regarding the cost of cataract surgery and what is the process detail. The good thing is that the process of cataract surgery is safe and can improve your life quality and eyesight.

The cost of cataract surgery seems expensive at first, but it is affordable and easy for those who have health insurance.  Every case is different as it is all based on different things for example wearing glasses and impacts on eye vision.  The best thing is to contact your doctor because he or she can provide you the best consultation after reviewing your medical history.

Eye Drops

Some eye drop drugs are available to help you with any symptoms of cataract. These are affordable choices than other treatments. However, it is all based on the research and information reliability.

Natural lens

The job of a natural lens is to manage the flow of light to your eyes. With the passing age, the lens can have cataract condition. It is the time when you need to replace this natural lens or treat it through the surgical process. 

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Corrective Vision Options For Kids

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One of the most common issues for parents of young children to face is how to go about correcting the vision of their children. While some children are fortunate enough to have naturally perfect – or near perfect – vision, the majority of people can benefit from some form of corrective vision. And, these days, there are three main ways to correct imperfect natural vision: glasses, contact lenses, and surgical correction. So which of these three methods is best for your child? Ultimately, this depends largely on your situation and that of your child, but here are a few general guidelines, pros and cons for each method of corrective vision.


Eyeglasses are perhaps the easiest means of correcting vision in a young child. Generally, all that is required is a single appointment with an eye doctor, after which you and your child can pick out a frame. Then your child will soon have his or her own pair of glasses to help with perfect vision. As far as simplicity and vision alone go, glasses are a perfect option. However, they can also hold some children back in certain ways. If your child is particularly active, or prone to losing or breaking things, glasses may not be ideal, as they are easy to break or lose, and difficult to play sports or be particularly active in.

Contact Lenses

Some parents worry that contact lenses can be difficult to handle for young children, and indeed in some cases this is true. However, contact lens companies like Acuvue now offer a wide variety of different lenses designed for comfort, as well as to correct specific vision problems. The drawback is that some young children are not responsible enough with cleaning and caring for contact lenses. However, if your child is responsible and comfortable in contact lenses, they may offer the most convenient means of correcting vision, as they offer improvement in sight without any of the physical limitations of glasses.

Corrective Surgery

Finally, there is corrective surgery, such as permanent lens implants or LASIK, which are becoming more and more popular each year. While these means of corrective vision provide the most natural feeling corrections, and are becoming increasingly safe and reliable, they are generally not recommended for children. One reason for this is that your children’s eyes may still be developing, and performing corrective surgery on underdeveloped eyes can be a bad idea. That said, younger people are having success with eye surgeries, so when your children reach more physically mature ages this is something they can consider.

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