weekend blog followers caravan 13: fanpage like edition

The Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is up again + this week we are to like each other’s Facebook Fanpage. This is a great way of promoting one’s blog, if you are really keen on it. So to promote my Fanpage, which I happen to just create a few days way (that is why this idea is very timely, grazie Mommy Rubs ;)) am joining this week’s caravan!

I welcome you all to my little space in cyberspace, please feel free to look around. You might also be interested in this mummy event happening in BGC now, I’ve written about it here, but unfortunately there is no way I can go, hopefully you can still catch up and tell us what happened there 😉

My fanpage  is just fairly new + it is lonely for followers, please be such a darling + hit the  Like button, it’s just down there on my sidebar next to GFC. It will be much appreciated + I promise to return the favor . Thanks so much lovelies + have a great Sunday 😉

By the way, here are a few point to remember when playing this game:

  • we are still required to make a welcome post (much like this one)
  • we are still required to comment on the participants’ posts so we’ll encourage them to comment back to ours 😉
  • we are only allowed to ask likes for one fan page to be fair with others who only have one fan page
  • don’t forget to like pages with your personal Facebook page, as liking it with your Fanpage simply won’t count

+ that’s about it, easy peasy really, so on with the page likes everyone!

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