Tips + Tricks: Women’s Graphic T-shirts Style Guide For Any Occasion

A graphic T-shirt is widely considered a closet staple item, and we tend to agree. You might be thinking of that one Nirvana shirt that everyone wears, but there is way more out there for you than that {many of which are not band shirts at all}. Regardless of the design that strikes your fancy, you will be able to use your graphic tees in a variety of ways. You can dress them up or down, layer them to make them versatile all year round, and more.

A graphic tee is simply a short sleeve shirt with a prominent design on the front. They can come in so many styles from cropped to oversized.

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Here are a few ways to style your graphic tee for any occasion:

Nights out or business casual events

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Tips + Tricks: Want to Change Your Style? Here Are the Best Places to Start

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Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

Are you looking to freshen things up a bit in your appearance? There are many options to choose from, and it can be a bit confusing to figure out where to even begin if you’ve never done this before. Many people find themselves struggling with this when they’re new to it, so don’t worry ~ you’re not alone. There are some easy ways to make dramatic changes to your appearance that don’t cost a lot of money and are relatively safe {in terms of the ability to undo them if you decide you don’t like the final result}. Let’s take a look at some of the points you should consider.


If you’ve never taken a second look at your hairstyle, now is the right time for that. Just because you’re used to having your hair done a certain way, doesn’t mean that this is the best style for you. In fact, if you’ve never bothered to experiment with this, it’s very likely that the style you’re using right now is far from optimal. Finding the right look for you will take some professional advice though, and this is rarely something you can do on your own. Go to a trusted stylist and tell them you want to change things up a bit. But don’t go too far, as it may be hard to revert those changes afterwards.


Jewellery is another great way to make your appearance more interesting without changing it too drastically. You can easily add various pieces of jewellery to your style without changing your clothes or other parts of your looks, and you can even get different pieces for different occasions. You can opt for a dainty Etsy necklace to add more style or a pop of color.

And if you go to a fancier store like, you can find a variety of exquisite pieces for those special occasions. No matter what your overall style is, you can always fit in a few pieces of jewellery here and there. Don’t disregard this option just because you’ve never tried it before – it may work better than you would assume.

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5 Life-Saver Fashion Tips For A Busy Mum

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It was never easy being a mum. Almost often we are too busy taking care of other people that we end up with little or no time for ourselves. This cycle has to stop, and, difficult it may sound, we ought to carve out some time alone so we can recharge and be up on our toes to perform our many different functions. Also, being busy is never an excuse to sacrifice our fashion sense and our personal style. After all, we still need to look our best while we juggle being a loving partner, a nurturing mum, and while pursuing our many different passions.

Check out these these life-saver fashion tips for mums so you won’t have to sacrifice your fashion style even when you are a busy mum:

  • Jazz up your wardrobe ~ Spruce up your wardrobe by adding a variety of colors into your regular fare of whites, black, and gray. Do not be intimidated by daring or bold colors and try to add tops and dresses in shades of red, canary and aquamarine to your wardrobe. This fresh change will not only make you look good but also make you feel good about yourself.
  • Shoes speak volumes about your personality ~ Now what most of you ignore the most in your attire is a classy pair of shoes. However, your shoes define your personality and reveal the message that your attire and little details matter to you greatly. If you feel that after becoming a mum you have lost the stylish spark in you, then it is time to revitalize things by going for those nude pumps to get that chic look.
  • Gather the passion to spend on accessoriesThe accessories are always a woman’s weakness so things should not change even when you become a mum. Life should never lose its color and excitement for you. There is no better way to keep the spirit alive by getting statement bags and jewellery. You might have to do a bit of research to keep up with the latest trend, but you can easily do that by visiting glimpse over magazines and popular fashion blogs. This will not only help you discover the charm those skinny belts hold, but will also keep you up-to-date with budget finds and great bargains on jewellery.
  • Hairstyle matters ~ Of course, a hairstyle can make or break your over-all look. If you have been meaning to cut your hair short, then today is the best time to do it! You can also be adventurous and experiment on different hair color that will fit your personality. If you are a very simple mum like me, who is in forever ponytail, pinning your hair with bobby pins can give you a fresh and stylish look, too.
  • Intelligent shopping for cosmetics ~ It is pretty understandable that a busy mum does not have the time to do extensive makeup. Honestly speaking you even forget the art once you become a mum because you have so many other things to do. Well, the smart approach is to go with pink or red lip color because it assists you in getting away with minimal eye make-up as well. Or, if you are so much like me who cannot apply a decent make-up to save her life, it is best to invest on the basics, including lipsticks, cheek tint, and face powder.
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