Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Say It With Flowers

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Mother’s Day is just right around the corner and what better way to honor the most important women in our lives than by a bunch of flowers.  Lovely blooms will surely make the day more meaningful and colorful and your mum or mum friends could use more color in this day of honoring mothers and make it more unforgettable.

It is timely that I have recently discovered Anding’s Toys and Flowers Inc. The shop has been around for years, having three different stores in Divisoria and Manila, and is now venturing to sell their items to more consumers through their online shops. They offer a wide assortment of artificial flower arrangements and bouquets to suit your every need, as well as a big collection of different types of toys for children and the kids-at-heart.

tips and tricks, lifestyle, sale alert, gift ideas for Mother's Day, gift for Mother's Day, gift ideas, flowers

It is no easy feat to go to Divisoria in this sweltering hot weather, not to mention the ridiculous traffic situation in the metro. That is why Anding’s “Amazing Mom” promo is not only perfect but very convenient, too. Not only can you choose from their different beautiful arrangements in the comfort of your home but you can also have them shipped right to your doorsteps or your recipient’s home for free. This promo is until the end of May, so you have enough time to buy a floral arrangement or two for your beloved mum, grandmum, or mum-in-law.

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8 Best Reasons To Send Flowers

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Flowers make a great gift and one of the reasons is that they’re so flexible. We all know when they’re appropriate and most of us think we should send flowers more often than we do. And yet some people don’t send flowers at all. They claim that it’s pointless since they just die anyway; but we disagree. We think that someone who thinks that flowers are pointless is missing the point completely.

Flowers represent more than just a few pretty petals; they are a vehicle for expressing feelings and wishes for someone. It’s for these people that we write below the 8 best reasons to send flowers.

Reason #1: Sympathy

If something has recently gone wrong in someone’s life then you might want to send them flowers. It’s a nice touch to let them know that you are thinking of them in their time of need and that they’re not alone.

Reason #2: Stuck in Hospital

Being stuck in hospital for any time at all isn’t fun. No one enjoys being sick and hospitals aren’t known for being the most enjoyable locations, so having flowers sent to your room can really life your spirits and make your day. They let you know that others care about you and improved mood can really make your stay in hospital as unpleasant as possible.

Reason #3: Birthdays

It doesn’t matter how old you are, birthdays are still a special day. Perhaps it’s a holdover from our younger years when our birthdays were treated like truly special days, but as you get older they lose some of their sheen. Receiving flowers on your birthday from someone you care about can make you feel like you did when you were a kid, so sending flowers to someone on their birthday is definitely a good idea.

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this valentine’s say it with flowers

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Although I have yet to receive a bunch of flowers on any occasion in this lifetime, I don’t need to actually experience it to know that receiving flowers from your loved ones is simply one of the most thoughtful deeds someone can do for you. Flowers are a thing of beauty + receiving one on a special occasion like  your birthday or Valentine’s makes it all the more special.

Apart from letting the receive know that you cared enough to go through such great lengths as choosing a bunch of flowers you think they’d actually like, different flower colors also convey different messages. Read on:

  • Purple ~ represents success, pride + dignity, as well as admiration + accomplishment
  • Red ~ symbolizes beauty + courage, also represent strength, desire + passionate love
  • Green  ~ symbolizes optimism + renewal, as well as represent good fortune, health + resilience
  • Blue ~ represents openness, peace + serenity
  • Yellow ~ brings to mind the feeling of lightheartedness, it also symbolizes friendship, new beginnings + happiness
  • Pink ~ conveys gentleness, youth, innocence + joy
  • White ~ symbolizes modesty, simple beauty + elegance
  • Orange ~ represents energy, warmth + enthusiasm

So, if you’re thinking of making a beeline to one of those Denver florists or if you’re contemplating on getting the best bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers Denver has to offer, if you happen to be around the area, or if you are anywhere else in the world, don’t forget to consult the list. This way your object of affection will know what your flowers convey at a single glance. Good luck 😉

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