$100 Amazon Giveaway FREE event sign-up

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Here is another  exciting FREE event sign-up for all the bloggers out there! This is a perfect opportunity to increase those blog followings + to give back something to our loyal readers + followers who continuously support our giveaways + leave those beautiful comments to our blog posts.

This event is hosted by Happy Home and Family + you will earn one {1} FREE Facebook link for participating + posting an announcement about the event on your blog. Additional links are also available for minimal fees. The Top Referer gets to host a follow page, as well. Blog participants also needs to post the giveaway html + promote the event at least three times a week during its duration.

Giveaway Details:

  • Prize at stake is $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • Giveaway runs from 25 November until 15 December
  • The contest is open Worldwide
Sign up HERE + please mention mumwrites referred you.
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All About Mommies 10k Fan Celebration Free Blogger Sign-ups

I do not know if the mummy bloggers are just being generous or is it the Christmas spirit buzzing about, but everyone seems to be having giveaways here + there + asking out other mums to join + promote their giveaways, so I bring you yet another free giveaway sign ups!

This time All About the Mommies is celebrating their 10,000 Facebook fans + a new website launch! To show appreciation to all of our great fans, we’re going to have a $50 Paypal Cash Giveaway! Or maybe more?!?!

Sign-ups details:

  • Post an announcement about the sign-ups on your blog to get one free link (either Facebook or Twitter, your choice!) for posting. If you were too lazy to write one or simply do not have the time of day, here’s a link to a pre-written announcement post you can readily use for your blog: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f1YDxllpnZBvB6fGBjrg7BK3sr6kI_kW5jfB_V2jw4A/edit
  • Purchase additional links {i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest + the likes} for $2 each.
  • Be a Co-host for $20 + get a backlink on all participating bloggers websites plus 2 additional free links on the Rafflecopter ~ that’s 3 free links in total!
  • Be a Page host for $5. You will host a page with a list of the follows. You will get the additional page views associated with this giveaway.
  • Blogger sign up dates: 9/20-10/17
Giveaway details:
  • The giveaway runs from 22 October until 12 November
  • Giveaway is open worldwide for 18 years old + up
  • Minimum prize is $50 Paypal cash, the prize pot will increase depending on how many paying bloggers sign up
  • A blogger incentive is also up for grabs! The blogger that drives the most entrants to the giveaway will get $20 Paypal cash! (There will be an entry on the RC to write what blog you are entering from.)

When you’re ready click here to sign up! 

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Kindle Fire Giveaway Free Blogger Event Sign-up

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Here’s another FREE blogger event sign-up you might just like to join in! Madame Deals Media is looking for bloggers who can help promote their upcoming Kindle Fire Giveaway in exchange for a FREE Facebook link. The giveaway run from 10 October until 24 October + bloggers will also get the chance to win any of the following awesome prizes:

  • $50 to the Blogger that refers the most other Bloggers to join the event (awarded after the first 24 hours)
  • $50 to the Blogger that refers the most other Bloggers to join the event over all
  • $50 to the Blogger that refers the winning reader

Sounds good enough, right? So don’t hesitate + sign up now! + do not forget to mention that mumwrites referred you! ^_^

Sign up here!

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