Mum Finds: Free Math Apps For Kids From Splash Math

If you’re little one is drawn to his gadget like mine, I am sure you are always on the look out for age-appropriate apps that will allow them to learn while enjoying their tablet-time. I have currently discovered 2 more apps that I am sure most mums with little kids will like. These apps from Splash Math will give us peace of mind knowing our children have another safe and educational place to explore in their gadgets.

Preschool + Kindergarten Splash Math

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This cool Math app is designed for children ages 3 to 6. The voice narration, as well as the good quality pictures, is enough to let the little kids have a great time learning about basic Math concepts. The little man loves animals and he really likes Hippo, the friendly guide and absolutely enjoys each activity. This is a great app to introduce numbers, basic Math problems, Geometry, and measurement to preschool-aged kids. 

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