Big Hero 6 Printables For The Little Man

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We have recently watched the Big Hero 6 film and the little one is really smitten by Hiro and Baymax, so I went on to look for Big Hero 6 printables online for him to color at home. I chanced upon these coloring pages at and printed them so the little man will have something else to occupy him with on a weekend, other than his gadget and the telly.

I guess my plan worked as Jared enjoyed coloring these pages. He easily gets familiarized with the characters when we saw the film and just awhile ago was asking if it is still showing in the cinema and inquiring when can we get a copy on the computer! ūüėÄ

Have you found more Big Hero 6 printables online? Do share as I plan to print more for the little guy, I rather he gets busy pushing pens and crayons that pushing buttons on his tablet. :yes:

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