Help Ten Moves Raise Php600,000 For The Typhoon Pablo Victims

It seem rather daunting to find out that while we go about in our day-to-day activities, complaining only of too much summer heat and being bored out of our wits now that it is summer and we have not decided on which summer classes or activities to enroll our kids or ourselves, that most of the victims of Typhoon Pablo {Bopha} in Mindanao are still trying to put their lives back together after the devastation and the grave loss. Many families where relocated from their houses that were washed away by the flood and students cannot have proper classes after the typhoon destroyed most of their schools and school stuff.

Ten Moves in a nutshell

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TEN Movesa part of the Bayanihang Pampaaralan and managed by the Ayala Foundation and the Philippine Business for Social progress,  is a campaign to raise money to build 10,000 classrooms in the Philippines as the response to classroom shortages. The campaign, TEN Moves, an acronym for The Entire Nation Moves, appeals and encourages every Filipino to do their share and aims to gather our whole country of 2 million people to donate what they can to the movement by starting with Php10 each day for 10 months or donating directly to the campaign in larger sums or any amount anyone wishes to donate.

Typhoon Pablo

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We are all aware of the damage and devastation that typhoon Pablo left in Mindanao, destroying schools and towns in its wakes. Ten Moves prioritized their fundraising efforts and shall be putting all donations made today until June 30 to directly fund rebuilding schools in Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley.

Ten Moves is partnering with, an online fundraiser and are asking individuals and/or groups to create a fundraising page to help raise funds or donate directly online. True, not everyone can raise 600,000, which is the cost of building one classroom, but collectively we can all lend a hand in making this noble vision a reality.

For more information and to find out how you can be part of this undertaking, do visit the Ten Moves Facebook Page

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let us help pangantucan central elementary school

Note: I have meant to post this sooner but it was left in my drafts when I was offline for a week during our transfer to our new place. Anyway, better late than never, right?

In September, an unfortunate thing happened to Pangantucan Central Elementary School in Bukidnon. A dear blogger friend, Joanne, posted about this tragedy on her blog. It was consumed by fire,+ with classrooms made of wood, the school was all charred + ashes after a few minutes, including all the lyres, drums + other band instruments used by the school band, which were placed in one of the classrooms for safekeeping.

In the light of this event, Joanne is knocking on our hearts to ask for whatever amount of money you can spare to help them buy new instruments for their band. No amount is too small as long as it comes from the heart.

You may send your donations via Paypal to charming_anne106(at)yahoo(dot)com.

In behalf of my friend, thank you for your kindness.

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