Mum Plants: 5 Easy Plants For Beginners

This pandemic has turned a good number of mums into plant mummas and if you have not joined the bandwagon, where have you been hiding? Just kidding. But if you are late in this relaxing and sanity-saving trend, it is never too late to begin now.

If you are worried that you do not have a green thumb, worry no more. I do not possess the prowess to care for plants and make them thrive, either, but over time, I have come to realize that caring for plants is so much like caring for our little ones. We not only need to water them for them to thrive and grow, we also need to give them love and nurturing.

If you are wondering which plants to care for if you are a beginner, wonder no more. I made a list of plants you may want to start caring for to jumpstart your gardening and plantita journey. You may also consider getting additional gardening tools like shovels, sprinkler, or best hose reels for the money! But these are optional as you can always start with whatever tools you have available around your house.

So, on to my list of 5 easy plants for beginners:

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