7 Must Carry Special Gifts For A New Born Baby

People just simply love baby showers. However, it is essential to make sure that you have the right gift to avoid showering the baby with many gifts that are unnecessary. Below are some ideas to help you make sure that the baby and mother are happy with what they have received. Continue reading to find unique gifts to last a lifetime.

Snap Suits

Every mom knows that snaps suits are essential and they will never be enough for the baby even up to twenty-four months of age. They should come in different sizes because newborn babies will grow faster. If they are in multiple sizes, they will be ideal for the baby as he/she grows.

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Children’s Books

New moms need a book for the child since as the child grows there will be the need to read something creative. A good example is The Giving which is a beautiful book for children to read. It is an exciting book yet with suspense and can make one have watery eyes because as the story ends. New moms need such books to keep for their children.

children, parenting 101, tips and tricks, parenting tips, gift ideas for babies


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How to Give a Unique Gift at a Baby Shower

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a simple yet cute baby shower gift set

Traditionally, when a friend gave birth, you would buy a card and a little gift for the new baby after he or she had arrived. One of the latest trends though(which we can thank our neighbors across the pond for is for the friends of the mum-to-be to throw a baby shower. Baby showers are great fun; they’re a way for everyone to celebrate the pregnancy, share parenting tips and hopefully enjoy some cake! A big part of the baby shower tradition, however, is giving gifts. This can be quite a high-pressure event – what if other people have spent more on their gifts? What if you give the same present as somebody else? What if you forget the gender of the baby and hand over an assortment of baby blue when everyone else gives pink?! A good suggestion to combat these potential social faux pas (apart from the last one, which you will just have to plough through with a smile and a return receipt) is to try to choose an unusual gift. Baby outfits, toys and nursery decorations are all undeniably useful, but the parents will probably receive more than enough of these. Selecting something a little bit different will make your gift stand out from the rest, and show the expectant mum how much thought you have put into it. It might even earn you an extra slice of cake!

Below are some of our favorite unique gift ideas

A Family Tree

This is a brilliant gift idea if you’re a family member, or close enough to the family to know details of relative’s names and connections. Some companies allow you to make customized family tree posters online, or if you’re good with arts and crafts then you could always create your own tree to be displayed on the wall. Add in the names of the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and then leave a gap for the baby for the parents to fill in once they have decided on a name. This is a really unique way to celebrate the birth of the new arrival, and it will also be something that the child will treasure as they get older.

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