The Day We Rode The Rainbow Book Review + A Giveaway

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I was sent a copy of the book The Day We Rode The Rainbow by Jody F. Mays to review a few months back. Books are my absolute loves and I will not pass on the chance to share with you another children’s book that you and your children might find interesting.

The Day We Rode The Rainbow in a nutshell

This colorful, whimsical book is a story about 2 butterflies and their friends. It is an interactive book that tackles friendship as well as respecting each other’s differences. It teaches children about being friends with anyone, even those who are different.

Here is the synopsis at the back of the book:

Step into this beautifully illustrated story, introducing a world of imagination and immerse yourself into a day of play with a group of butterfly friends ~ and one who was different. Experience a small world come alive through rich, happy colors and whimsical drawings. Enjoy an interactive, fun story about finding friendship, self-acceptance, and tolerance while the friends strive to “ride the rainbow” and learn new things about themselves. Come and let this magical group of butterfly buddies entertain your while they explore their small world with you ~ and attempt to fulfill their dreams. 

Here are a few sample pages from the book: 

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Support The #1MCleanToilets Movement + Win Gift Packs From Domex!

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Domex is at the forefront of the fight against the disease caused by unsanitary toilets through the 1M Clean Toilets Movement, and on 13 November, World Toilet Day, they will lead a clean-up in East Avenue Medical Center to show their commitment to this worthy cause and their aim to help save lives, one clean toilet at a time.

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As mums we also like to lend a hand in this relevant cause, right? That is why I encourage you to pledge your support to 1M Clean Toilets movement and in return we will give you a chance to win a 2-month worth of cleaning products from Domex.

Here are the easy-peasy giveaway mechanics:

  • Follow Mumwrites on Instagram
  • Subscribe to Mumwrites on Email {don’t forget to verify your subscription to make it valid}
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  • Post a photo on Facebook or Twitter of yourself or your loved ones doing a check mark hand gesture with your left hand {see sample entry below} and include your answer to the question, “Who do you protect from disease-causing germs and who inspires you to keep your toilet at home clean and germ-free?” Do not forget to make your post public, tag me {@mumwrites on Facebook, @vixquips on Twitter}, and use the hashtags #MumwritesXDomex #1MCleanToilets #WorldToiletDay2015
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Join The Baby’s Brilliant Summer Giveaway + Win $250 VISA Gift Cards {Open Worldwide}

giveaways, announcement, giveaway alert, educational apps for childrenThe sun might be ablaze in some parts of the world but it has been raining in our little corner for a couple of days now and we are terribly missing the sun. To help brighten everyone’s day, we bring you this giveaway! We shall be having 2 winners, 1 winner of a $150 VISA Gift Card and another winner of a $100 VISA Gift Card!

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This giveaway is brought to all of us by Baby’s Brilliant App, which I highly recommend you download on iTunes. It is an all-in-one app that will help mums teach and keep the little ones entertained. Here are a few reasons we give Baby’s Brilliant  :yes:  :yes: :

  • it has brilliant and colorful animations that are very appealing to children’s eyes
  • it has interactive videos that are sure to pique babies’ interest
  • it has a foreign language feature allowing the little ones’ to learn Spanish, French, and Chinese in a fun and enjoyable way

What caught my attention about this awesome app is its Hearing Impaired feature allowing hearing-impaired children to learn popular children songs. If you have not tried it yet, download Baby’s Brilliant App through iTunes now! You can also follow their social media pages for more information:

This giveaway is open Worldwide and shall run for the next 41 days. Of course, we have easy-peasy mechanics and all you have to do is join using the Rafflecopter Widget below {kindly click on the widget and let it open in another window, thanks!}. Join now and good luck! 🙂

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