bebang who?

According to this site, the name Bebang means:

  • being responsible, practical in nature + systematic
  • being able to excel in teaching or practical arts
  • rebels at being rushed + put under pressure

Those qualities would probably apply to this adorable puppy at one point or another but am guessing “Bebang” came from the childhood nickname of her lovely owner, who knows? It could be right, you never know!

Got any other idea? See the blog postΒ  for more details, you can even win yourself some goodies, Zoan is giving away to celebrate her birthday!

Happy birthday sis + I really wish I can have a puppy as cute as Bebang πŸ˜€

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giveaway alert: dot com domain with hosting by the filipina wahm

I was tucking my little one to bed earlier (or was it yesterday?) when an idea struck me! See, I have been toying with the thought of having another blog (as if I still can manage another one! :)).Β  I was thinking I’d blog about postcards + traveling + giveaways + whatnot in that blog. So earlier while making my son comfy in bed, I thought if I’d have another blog, I’d get the domain (since, upon checking I found out that is no longer available), a play on my name + the word “fixation”. It will be one clever way to showcase my growing postcard collection in an organized manner. Hmmm, I guess will see in a few months if I saved enough to buy my own domain, or if Godaddy will go on sale again. Or better yet, I will just join this giveaway by The Filipina Wahm, the Dot Com Domain with Hosting Giveaway. She will be giving away 5 dot com domains to lucky participants.

Her giveaway end on 10 August + is made possible by the following generous sponsors:

  • The Filipina WAHM
  • The Movie Mommy
  • Eye for Fashion
  • Finds and Freebies
  • Our Dream House
  • All in One Woman
  • Caffeinated Muse
  • Feeling Traveler Aketch

Anyway, you can check out the contest page for more info! + let us keep our fingers crossed!

Good luck everyone πŸ˜‰

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musings about july

Just a few more days + this month will be over soon, but I haven’t posted about the reasons why I was looking forward to July this year + why I simply love this month πŸ˜‰

Here, let me count the reasons why:

  1. I simply love July since a month from now my little man, Jared, will be turning a big two, + his blog, jared’s little corner, will be celebrating its birthday along with mum πŸ˜€ + although there won’t be no fancy celebration this year, it will not make the event less exciting or make me look forward to it less. We might go out-of-town even for just a day on Jared’s big day or the days nearing that date πŸ˜€
  2. The last installment to the epic saga, Harry Potter + the Deathly Hallows comes out in the cinema this month. We have been highly anticipating it + although it will be a bittersweet experience to watch our hero for the last time on the big screen, it is something I wouldn’t want to miss! Long live Potter!
  3. This month is also the month my fave, incubus, will be coming down to Manila for a concert at the Big Dome on the 28th + though I haven’t got a ticket yet (which I shall be posting soon as I got one!) this is something I really look forward to! This early I have to be good to my siblings so they will look after the little man whilst mum watches a concert πŸ˜€
  4. A lot of exciting + new things are happening in the blogosphere, with loads of giveaways too, and although I was spending more hours in front of the PC + spending less + less hours sleeping, I definitely have no complaints..well except that I hope my pc can cope up with all the things I have to do online, that is! πŸ™‚

So, what are you looking forward to this month?

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