new blouses for mum at a steal!

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I saw these lovely blouses on a display rack in one of those shops as we were going about the mall two Sundays ago. I instantly fell in love with that cute black sheep design in front. My heart was torn between the two different shades, but  when I found out that they are actually on sale at half the price, I grabbed both blouses + handed it excitedly to the very attentive sales lady. My sister convinced me to get both since they are at 50% discount anyway, it was just like getting both blouses for the price of one! Good deal, right?

I guess it comes with the territory that when you become a mum, you look for the cheapest + most affordable deals when buying stuff for yourself, so you can go on splurge on your baby’s stuff. Oh well, I’ve got no complaints, I just simple love my new blouses. Besides, I was able to buy a loot for the kiddo + we had a great adventure that wekeend, too! Read more about that here ūüôā

Sharing my pink blouse with Pink Fridays, by the way….

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