a green friday

I was able to go out last week to attend an event. It was one of those rare occasions that I get to go out without my little man in tow. I almost was not able to push through with my plans for that day, but I was thankful the little man’s dad was able to deal with the saying-goodbye scenario with much less tears + fussing. So, after a few goodbyes + kisses, this mum set off to attend the event {which I shall tell you all about in another post ;)}.

Anyway, I had to pass through Trinoma to get to the fx/van terminal on my home, plus I had to make a quick stop at the grocers anyway to buy milk + a few cartons of his favorite drink, Dutch Mill {he only drinks the strawberry flavored ones}, for the little man + I spotted this poster at the bottom of one of their elevators.

I am just glad that big companies + corporation like Trinoma is now jumping into the Green bandwagon. Thousands upon thousands of people shop there everyday + a poster like this will do a lot of wonders. Imagine if every people who reads this will bring their eco-bag to shop next time around. It will make a whole community of eco-bag shoppers!

I just wish they’d do more than encourage their clients to purchase those green bags. Maybe they could set up a day where everyone who shops using their green bags will get freebies or discounts or points in their privilege cards, much like how SM does it. It could work wonders on waste reduction by stopping the use of plastic bags, + eventually, helping our environment.

Nevertheless, I still give two thumbs up for Trinoma for their initiative! ūüėČ


Green Monday

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how to teach your child to be eco-friendly

Teaching our children to be eco-friendly ought to be each + every parents goal. The Earth is the only one we’ve got after all, + judging from its current state, what with all the disasters + calamities brought about by nature destruction and global warming, it needed all the help it can get, + yes, even from little children. More importantly from little children as they will be the ones to inherit our planet + will be in-charge to take care of it when it is time.

So how do we teach them how to love + care for our planet at an early age, again? Here are a few tips I have in mind:

  • As with all the other knowledge we would like to impart on our children, the best way to teach them is to live by example. Be an eco-conscious mum + it will soon rub on your little on in no time
  • Expose your child to the beauty of nature by bringing him to parks and zoos, + beaches, too, + let him revel in the beautiful gifts of nature that surrounds him
  • This early, you can teach him not to be a litter bug, by showing him how to always put his litter on a trash bin. When on the road + there is not a bin in sight, tell him that you can keep the candy wrappers in your bag until you reach home or until you find the nearest trash can
  • Buy him eco-friendly toys + tell him why it is important to do this. If given the chance, you can also buy him school stuffs made from recycled materials. It will also be a good idea to purchase one of those¬†Plantable Wedding Invitations¬†or those¬†Eco-Friendly¬†Wedding Invitations¬†+ other eco-friendly products for your own use,whenever the need arises

Remember that a child’s mind is like a sponge + the best way to mold them into the kind of person we want them to be is now! It might take loads of repetition + reminding, but bear in mind that the lessons they will learn now are the ones they will carry all throughout their adult life, so better start early with teaching them how to be nature lovers + eco-warriors!

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this mum is turning green

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Not green with envy, of course, but green, as in green-living ^_^

I have been meaning to visit the local Human Heart Nature branch since I became a member in September, but have not found the time to do so as am either tired from too much running after the little man whenever we do our errands or laden with a bagful of grocery items whenever we passed by the building on our way home. With the little man in tow, I took advantage of the pre-Christmas downtime + went but the shop but it was closed for their Christmas party.

Finally, after the Christmas break, I was able to visit the shop on Tuesday. It actually looks more like a spa or a very cosy living room of a very close friend, homey + inviting, but, instead of the usual photographs here + there, the place is peppered by various Human Heart Nature products + items. To indulge the visitors, you can even try out the products as I saw samplers of each item on display that you can try out for free.

The staffs are also very warm + accommodating, with one of them {am actually guessing he’s the shop owner} even offering Polvoron to the little man {which I politely declined, as Jared would just shrug the treat off!}. He even allowed Jared to play for a bit in the private nook of the shop, as my little man excitedly ran there when he saw another kiddo, Nemo, whom he can play with. A lady also assisted me as I browse through their display.

Another thing I love about the place is that they hand you actual baskets {yes, the ones you can put fruits into} to hold your goodies while you shop around + at the check out till, your purchase will be wrapped in earth-friendly brown bags, too. Truly, there is no use for plastic in this place.

I am even surprised when I paid my bill. I spent P480 {about $12} for my purchase that include these:

  • Foamy Bath + Shaving Oil – Eucalyptus {100ml}
  • Spray Sanitizer – Citrus Burst {50ml}
  • Hand + Foot Salve – Banana {50ml}
  • Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil {50ml}
  • Kids Shampoo + Body Wash – Tangerine Tarsier {200ml}
  • Balancing Facial Wash – Elemi {50ml}
I am really ?ing Human Heart Nature + I am also glad they’ve recently opened shops here in Bulacan. Now, who’ll say going the greener way needs to be costly? ūüėČ
Thought the orange shampoo is way too orange to not deserve a spot at Orange Tuesdays. Am also sharing this through Green Monday ūüôā
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