my human heart nature welcome kit

Human Heart Nature, green

A few weeks back, Jared’s dad went to pick up my Human Heart Nature Welcome Kit from their head office in Quezon City, I nearly have no time to go myself so I asked him if he can get it for me. I think I might have mentioned before that I bought this dealership voucher from one of the those online groupon sites early this year.

For less than P500 {about $12}, I was able to get myself this Welcome Kit that includes 9 {nine}  50-ml  HHN products {those not in photo went straight to my stash in the bathroom, the deodorant went to Jared’s dad :)}

I have tried some of the items {I actually used up all the feminine wash + the moisturizing conditioner}+ I really love them! I plan to replace my old products with these natural, earth-friendly ones.  + what’s even greater news is, as a dealer, I get to purchase these items at discounted prices! I intend to visit their local shop here in Bulacan to replenish my personal stocks + I will also get a shampoo for the little man, too, which he can use once his recent shampoo bottle runs empty.

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green monday: a carbon positive blog

In search to help alter the effects of climate change + save the environment, I am signing up to have my blog Carbon Positive. Want to know how I’d do just that? Here are the three simple steps:

  • am adding a CO2+ button my blog’s sidebar
  • am writing this blog post about signing up to this initiative
  • afterwards, I will be sending an e-mail to to tell them about it!

+ that’s it! They will send me an email to confirm when they’ve planted my tree in one of the 4 US National Forests they are rehabilitating! Very easy right? Now, imagine if every mum in PMC will sign up? That will add up to 143 new saplings planted on a forest somewhere, + if the mums will sign up all their other blogs into the project that would mean a whole lot more trees growing in a few years time, cool, right? Imagine cleaner air for our children to breathe! I only wish there is a project like this here in the Philippines, hmm, maybe I’ll try to pitch the idea to WWF? What do you think?

Now, I’d like to make a simple request that you join me in this endeavor. Simply sign up with the linky below. Am sure your children will appreciate it + so will Mummy Earth! Thanks 😉

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green monday: plants at coral view

I took this photo when we went to Coral View, in Subic for our family summer outing a few weeks back (I know, I was not able to post about it yet, I am so guilty for all the backlogs + all + I intend to make up for it by updating this blog very, very soon ;))

In front of Coral View resort are these plants in the pigeon house, greeting the visitors and welcoming them into the place. I fell in love with these plants so I took a photo. We were just strolling around, Jared in my arms + waiting for Jared’s dad, just before we head back home after a day’s fun at the beach 😉

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