NaBloPoMo + My November To-Do List

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I cannot believe that October simply zoomed by and we are welcoming yet another month today. Yes, after the observance of All Saints’ Day , the Christmas season is once again here! The merriest and the busiest season of all, really. If you ask me, I feel like I have a gazillion of things to do now that it is barely 60 days before the year is about to end and I shall be checking the goals I’ve list down at the beginning of the year and see if I have accomplished a few of them {which I am hoping I did really!}. Numerous things are traversing off the top of my head at the same time, thinking of the many things I have yet to finish or start. My to-do list will be brimming this month and I do hope to get ahead of the pack and finish off a number of them early.

Here are a bunch of stuff on my to-do list for this month:

  • Tidy up our closet for stuff we no longer use and prepare those for donation
  • Wash a pack of the little one’s toys that we are bringing to the nearest Jollibee soon, in support of their Christmas toy drive
  • General cleaning at home
  • Putting up our Christmas tree {which I intend to do once I finish part of the general cleaning}
  • Go to my OB {I know, I have put this off unnecessarily and it is a must that I visit before the year ends}
  • Visit the dentist
  • Jumpstart my new meditation class {and I am just excited!}
  • Go back to the yoga center
  • Saving up for a shelf or another closet so I can finally tidy up the living room and free it of the little man’s toys and things!

I do hope I’d be able to make time for all these items and a few more.

NaBloPoMo 2014

So here comes the NaBloPoMo bit. I stumbled upon this blogging challenge while browsing through the numerous posts on our Mommy Bloggers Philipppines Group and was drawn. I just love these challenges, especially those that will encourage me to write and fill up this blog on a daily basis and by posts I mean the personal post that I love to write but cannot find the time to do so, instead of the press releases, the obligation posts and events posts that I have probably bombard you with of late. Sorry about those, as their nickname suggests, I really have to write all about them. 

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Happy 5th Birthday Love!

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“Where did the time go and how did you grow into this not-so-little man from the little baby you used to be?”

I ask these questions each time your birthday approaches. I guess we were too busy having an adventure, laughing, or arguing that I often disregard the minute details until they are screaming to be noticed, like how your feet get that big, or where you get the words you are blurting out, or where did you ever get those quirks.

birthdays, greetings, mum's thoughts, Jared, jared's nook, occasions

Today you are celebrating your 5th and I wish you all the happiness in the world your little heart can contain. I wish for you to continue to bring your own ray of sunshine wherever you may go. I wish you continue to be your own unique self and blossom into a wonderful, God-fearing young man you are meant to be. I wish that the Lord will always bless and nurture you.

Thank you, my love, for making this world a better place because you are in it. Thank you for making mum’s life more meaningful and thank you for always inspiring me to become a better person. Thank you for changing me and giving me the privilege to be your mother. Thank you for giving me the wonderful blessing of spending every waking hour with you. Know that mum will love you to infinity and beyond, to the moon and back!

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August We Meet Again!

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Yeah, time did fly by rather too quickly this time that I am not entirely sure where most of July went. We were busy with getting to school on time and doing the little one’s home work while squeezing blogging, other online work, home chores and other stuff in between. I know, it sure was a hectic July that I find myself exhausted and tired on several occasions. That is why I really appreciate every little help extended to me and those unexpected class suspensions. They allow me to catch up on my long list of backlogs and afforded me the time to sit back and relax even for just a little while.

Oh well, I am just excited that we are now greeting the new month, and my most favorite of all! I guess you cannot blame me for being biased. This month is the most significant in my life and it was made even more special because of my little man. I had nothing really special planned out, although I would really love for us to have a quick weekend getaway to relax and recharge. The little one’s big day falls on a weekend so I will probably prepare a simple treat for him and his classmates in advance. I am thinking of a Lego-themed bento meals but I still have to check my funds and the availability of my friend who was very kind enough to agree to help me with my bento plans. I really hope this will push through, I am sure the little man and his classmates will love whatever she will prepare.

Anyway, August seem to be living up to expectations with yet another gloomy and rainy day to jump-start the month, but am sure the Universe will be kind enough to gift me with just the right amount of sunshine to keep my flowers blooming and my mood cheerful! I hope August will be good to all of us. And do stay tuned for the raffle of our Momble Giveaway!  :heart:

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