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mum's thoughts

missing girls talk

It has been some time since I last participated in one of my favorite memes, so to begin the month of December on the right foot, am joining this week’s GT. + the topic for the week is all about something new or something you have never done before that you were able to accomplish …

mum's thoughts

gt: best birthday ever

Every year I look forward to my birthdays (well, who doesn’t, really?) + there simply is no need for grand celebrations or lavish gifts, just the thought of being given another year to enjoy life here on Earth is more than a reason enough to celebrate + be thankful. I guess the best birthdays I …

jared's nook

gt: best birthday gift ever

I don’t think anything can top the best birthday gift I have ever received. It happened two years ago when I turned 30. This gift is no ordinary gift + you definitely cannot buy one of these anywhere else (well except from those adoption homes, I guess ;D) My gift came via Caesarean Operation with …