Home: Are You Too Busy to Clean? Use These 5 Tips!

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People are living busier lives than ever before these days. They have all sorts of responsibilities, and when they go home from work, the responsibilities do not end. With all the work, parenting duties, community efforts, and other things that people these days are involved in, a lot of them do not have time to do the housecleaning that they want to get done. It’s an important part of making your home comfortable and livable, but it can also take too much time out of your busy schedule to get it done right.

What you may be missing are some shortcuts to cleaning faster, easier, and more effectively. There are ways to make your house look clean and still have time to get everything else done each day. Here are our top tips:

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Manage Your Laundry Well With Sharp Double Washer + Get To Enjoy Life More

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Most stay-at-home and working mums will agree that doing the laundry is one of the most daunting tasks we have to face on a regular basis. It is something to be tackled promptly and, unlike some other chores which you can re-schedule for later when you have enough energy to do them, it should be done on schedule lest your kiddos will run out of pajamas to wear or in our case, cloth-diapers-used-as-bibs, which the little man cannot live without.

Aside from being very time-consuming, doing the laundry can also drain a mum’s energy, as well as give her enough aches and pains here and there, that after finishing the chore she will no longer have enough energy to run after her little tot or play with him. That is why having a reliable washing machine at home is a must for every mum’s household.

For those who are hunting for one mean washing machine, read more about the new Sharp Double Washer in this write up and find out how you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life by worrying less and spending less time doing your weekend laundry:

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Of Summer Blues + Endless Chores

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Is it just me or was it particularly hot today that I hardly want to move a muscle? It goes without saying that summer is indeed just around the corner. The scorching sun reminds me of that lesson in History all those many years ago in high school when our National Hero Jose Rizal was rationalizing why Filipinos tend to be on the lazy and procrastinating side and pointed a finger at the hot, humid tropical climate as the main culprit. Oh well, I cannot agree more. I have such a tiny living space now yet I really find it way too difficult to get up on my toes to clean up the clutter and wash what needs to be washed in the kitchen in this weather. If I as much as lift a finger, I’d be sweltering and sweating all over and it is just too uncomfortable! How am I to kiss and hug the little man when I am all this sweaty? 🙁

I know I can only be lazy for a while, after all, the chores won’t finish on their own no matter how much I wished for them to. What I wouldn’t give for a magic wand that will allow me to do all the work that needs to be done with a single waive! If I had a carpet, I will probably waste no time dialing up a carpet cleaning service to get the job done for me. Where do you think can I dial to have my bathroom and kitchen sink cleaned or have my tile floors swept and mopped?

Oh well, I hope this summer blues go away soon. Maybe thinking less of the weather and more of our ship cruise and zoo visit later this month will do the trick! 😉

How are you thriving in this weather?

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