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My parents’ home is the only other home I’ve known all my life + even if I’ve lived in other much better houses in between whilst I was working in the city, it is actually the only one I considered my home since there lives my beloved family + it housed a lot of memories, dreams + aspirations of the younger me. Now, it also keeps in its walls a lot of precious memories of my little man. + ultimately, it housed a lot of memories of my childhood + my parents which are the only things I have of them left.

We have previously talked about plans of building a new home somewhere else. We have found a very suitable place to build it in a community which is only 20 minutes away from our old place. We talked over + over about how we’d want to have this or that in our new home + how I’d want to have a big lawn for Jared to run around + a garden patch to grow some organic vegetables + fruits, too! Ours is a good plan + we can never go wrong. Then only setback is that we do not have the means + finances to bring our goals into fruition! Now, therein lies the biggest of our problems!

The subject of putting our parents’ home up for sale also came up in one of our discussions. We have so many reasons to consider it:

  • it is not that much accessible + is 30 minutes away from the main establishments in the city, including Jared’s pedia’s clinic, the schools, the grocers, + the government offices like the psot office, + water + other utility providers
  • it takes  about $1.20-ride from the city center to get there + I would not even mention the amount one has to shell out to visit Manila
  • since the main road has been paved, a little amount of rain floods the front of our house, which turned rather ugly + unhygienic, especially during the rainy + typhoon months, + with a toddler in the home we cannot really afford to have mosquitoes swarming around everywhere, possibly carrying diseases like dengue, among others
  • it will incur an even greater amount of money if we are to renovate the old house, than building a new one + leaving the old one to one of my siblings seem like the most practical thing to do
It was all wishful thinking as of now, really, + we won’t be putting up those signs, that kansas city homes for sale have, any time soon. Well, maybe if we can save enough + put all our resources together we can build our dream house without having to sell the  old one someday soon.

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of homes for sale + children

I was in third grade when my parents decided to move to Bulacan. In the wake of my parents’ making one of the most major decisions that would affect our lives, all my thoughts are on my elementary school friends + the fun we had together + the book that I will not be able to return to the school library! Or whether I’d get along with the children in my new school. What can I say, I am just being a kid, I guess.

I will always have fond memories of our old home in Taguig. It was a two-storey old house with concrete/cement first floor, whilst the second floor is made entirely of wood. We even had capiz windows upstairs + during the night my siblings + I would love to look at the reflections of lights from cars + other vehicles on the road on those capiz. They made this awesome kaleidoscope of colors that we enjoy watching so much.

It has huge + spacious room where we run around + play all day, especially when school’s over. There is plenty of room for all five of us to fool around. Heck, we can bike around the second floor. That area is very spacious! The house have a soft spot in my heart since it housed all of my very early memories of family + Christmases + other occasions.

I am sure my parents did not put up one of those kansas city homes for sale signs when they sold our old house. In fact, I am not sure whether they put up a sign at all. I bet they contacted + talked to a lot of different people and prospective buyers to negotiate and finally, seal the deal. My parents are also simply folks so I don’t think they even hired an agent to assist them in that endeavor. I was really too young to know + too oblivious then, to remember it now.

I actually have very little recollection given the fact that I was barely 8 years old when it happened. But if my mum where alive today + I’d ask her for tips on how to break it gently to children that you are selling the old house + moving to a new one, I bet she’d tell me these:

  • Tell them straight away that you are selling the house + are moving into a new one
  • Include the children in the discussion about the details on the sell + the move – you may just leave out the delicate + complicated details that are too much for them to digest
  • You can make leaving the old family house a memorable experience by making a scrapbook to remember it by. take photos of the family in different areas in your house + make a scrapbook out of it. Fill it with captions + detailed descriptions of where’s this + that. This will serve as a very effective tool when your little one suddenly misses the old house. You can look at the pictures together while reliving the memories you had in it.
  • Remind the little one that the new house will be just as pretty as the old one, but in different ways to prevent him from expecting to see the same things he is used to at the old house.
  • Get him ready for the move by including him in the packing + moving preparations. You can probably ask him to help pack his toys together in a box.  That way he will realize that moving to a new house might just be an interesting + exciting activity after all.

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