On Hosting Issues + Dedicated Servers

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My blog was down for a number of days last month due to some server issues. My host transferred services at the time and while the transfer was in progress, my blog is nowhere to be found in the world wide web. The followers and readers cannot visit the site, no one can join the current giveaways I was running at the time, neither can I update and post anything, too. It was really quite frustrating on my part, especially when you have deadlines to beat and targets to hit. It actually got me contemplating about Xeon Dedicated Server and the likes.

A dedicated server will prove to be a very good investment for anyone who has a thriving blogging business. Having a server dedicated entirely to your blogs is quite ideal, as opposed to co-sharing it with a number of other blogs in the world wide web. It easily eliminates a number of downtimes since the server solely handles your blogs’ data and all its resources are channeled to fuel your blogs. It even protects your blogs from unfriendly elements in the online world that maybe harmful.  Your concerns will be addressed accordingly and in a timely manner. It was like renting an entire resort so you alone can use it.

Unfortunately, dedicated servers are rather expensive and it is also most ideal for sites that get a gazillion of hits everyday. It was something I cannot afford yet and I am just getting a considerable amount of traffic anyway. So I guess I will just stick with my hosting plans at the moment. The downtime may have gone on for a few days but it was such a relief that it was over in a matter of days. The transfer also seem to work to my advantage as I am hardly experiencing any downtime from there on.

My host handle all my blogs, as well as a considerable number of other blogs in blogosphere, but it was such comfort and convenience that it was easy to reach her whenever I have issues and problems and tries to resolve these concerns as fast as she can. There is no way I can solve them on my own, anyway, and any talks concerning technical terms and jargon is just gibberish to me, anyway. So, yeah, sticking to my old hosting plan really sounds like a good plan.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are 100% my own.

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