Mum Finds: 16 Gift Ideas For Dad

I know Father’s Day is still a few months away, but it is never to early to look for cool gift ideas for dads or the special man in your life who might just be celebrating his special day very soon. Check out this infographic of cool things for men I chanced upon at I am considering the slim wallet, the grooming kit, as well as the wool antimicrobial socks for Jared’s dad. I am sure he will also like a wireless charging pad for his mobile phone.   

Which of these items do you think is the perfect gift for dad?

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Money Matters: 4 Mummy Money Tips

Financial literacy is not being taught in school that more often than not, it is up to us mums to instill the value of money-saving especially to our small children. When I was a child, my Mama and Papa encouraged us to keep our own coin bank {we have each a coin bank made from bamboo, which we call bungbong in our vernacular} and save what little extra we have from our daily baon. It may not amount to much but it will come handy in times of emergency. I have passed on this tradition to the little man. It is a great way to teach him about Math and the valuable lessons about saving and managing his finances. Although, he does not have any other plans on where to spend his money other than buying new toys, I am sure that as he grows his buying preference will soon include purchasing books, buying school essentials, and perhaps, saving up his money in the bank, too!

Here are a 4 Mummy Money Tips from our friends at that I thought you’d be interested to teach your little ones, too. After all, it is never too early to teach them about saving to prepare them for a financially-secured life in the future. Teaching them as soon as possible will give them plenty of practice and will soon discipline them opt to save their money for emergency use instead of buying the latest toys, clothes or gadgets, or purchasing any expensive cajon accessories.

So which money tip are you most likely to teach your children and why?

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Why Chicken Works You Ask?

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I have always believed that chicken is the healthier option among meat varieties and am really relieved that the little man has taken a liking to this poultry product much more than the other meat. Apart from the usual fare of friend chicken, one of his favorite dishes in the world is chicken tinola, so we have than dish every single week. I have no complaints, though as chicken does work. If you are still in doubt about chicken, here is an infographic of a number of reasons why you should be opting for it, too, if you haven’t already.

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